Saturday, August 8, 2015

I'm BACK......

Man it has been awhile.....I am so sorry about that. Life gets in the way sometimes and it takes a little bit of an awakening to get you back on track.

So just a quick update...

  • Billy is doing great. He still has his paralysis on the left side of his face but he is trucking along! We have a routine MRI in October but I'm confident everything will be okay. 
  • Butterbean is growing like crazy. Can you believe she started Pre-K! (gasp)
  • Shawn is ENGAGED! Yep you heard that right. Looks like they are planning a September 2016 wedding. Stay tuned! 
  • I'm doing great. I have really put all my energy into our newest project - Smiles with Chemo Care Bags! Last year we donated roughly 150 bags to the local cancer centers. My goal for 2015 was to donate 300! far as of today - August 2015 - we have donated 329! Our current project is finding enough sponsors for 150 bags to donated to the survivors at the upcoming Making Strides Breast Cancer Walk. We are currently about 100 bags shy of our walk goal. I am so blessed and excited to see how this journey has grown. And I can't wait to get it even bigger and better over the years. Just touching so many lives with a smile makes my world wonderful!! 
  • I just got back from our Thirty-One Conference. It was AM-A-ZING! Billy went with me and it was so nice to see him get involved and enjoy being with our team...learning about Thirty One - and meeting Scott Monroe. I am so excited to grow my team in 2015...become a better leader...and inspire other woman to step out and do things they may not have ever thought about doing. To achieve their "why"! Big Goals for 2015!

I can't wait to get back to sharing our family....sharing my Thirty One journey....and just being ME again. 

Upcoming fun....I will be attending my first vendor event next weekend! I am a little nervous but so excited! Paulding Meadows will be here in September (our 5th year!) And in less than 5 weeks we will be taking Danie to DISNEY! And in just a few more months my sister and I will be embarking on a journey to Cancun to celebrate her 40th Birthday! 
So much to look forward to!!!

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