Friday, May 30, 2014

6 Month mark and Chemo Care Bags

It's hard to believe that we are coming up on the 6 month mark of Billy's surgery. Just a few more days to go. Things are going well. Billy seems to be doing great. We've been on a few camping trips, put a playset together, planted the gardens and just normal day life. Hopefully 6 months will be the turning point for him. I know he is very patiently waiting for some feeling or movement to come back to his face....and I know it is so frustrating for him. Somedays it feels a lot different than other days so I am guessing that is a good thing? I just don't know. It's hard to research because each patient is so different in their recovery. But overall...he is a trooper in my book.

School is out for the summer. Shawn is taking a summer break and then back into college for the Fall. Hopefully only 2-3 more semesters to go. Danie is moving up in to the last class she will stay in before Pre-K! I know! I'm not ready for Pre-K. It's still a year away but still. She is almost 100% potty trained. I'm so proud of her.

My latest adventure...because you know I must have one....are a few things.
We've started a Making Strides Breast Cancer team for November here in Marietta. Team Hakuna MaTATA. You see.....over the last month I have had two VERY precious and super special friends diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Each one is so totally different than the other as far as treatments, recovery, etc. Both equally scary. Somedays I feel I just can't do enough for them so that they can feel as though they are not alone in this. I don't want to them to feel that way. that little Becky Angel sitting on their shoulder at every appointment, every chemo treatment, each surgery....
so I've been fundraising where I can for the walk. But I am most excited about is the kick off of our Chemo Care Bags! I'm looking for sponsors!!!!! $20!! That $20 will buy this cute thermal bag and all the goodies to go inside it: water, crackers, jolly ranchers, puzzle books, inspirational messages....And then on the outside of the bag I will tie a cute little card which will say:
Chemo Care Bags - filled with love from your Angel Sponsor (insert name).
Cool huh!!!! And then in July I will take them to the Cancer Center here at Kennestone and hopefully Paulding Hospital (depends on the amount of bags sponsored). of those special friends of mine will be undergoing chemo. And I think of her sitting there during her treatments....and what a smile she would have on her face if some stranger walked up and gave her a bag of love. So in my heart...that is what I feel these bags would be...bags of love...unconditional....simply stating you are loved and thought about daily. I would hope that some other person out there would be doing the same thing and my sweet friend would receive a little something from them. It is what  my heart was leading me to this  morning as I drove into work. And by all means...I MUST listen to that heart and what it is telling me. Sooooooo....if you think you would be interested in being a sponsor just let me know. $20. Full of Love. I plan on ordering and filling these bags to deliver in July. If you don't live near me...that's okay. You can send the money via paypal, cc, check in the mail, etc.....however and whatever works for you. Between us all we can put a smile on someones face that so needs it.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

4 Months today

I can't believe that today marks Billy's 4 month surgery anniversary!
Crazy isn't it.

To be honest I feel like it has been much longer than that. It is amazing to me how far he has come in 4 months. He really is my Hero and I applaud his determination.

Monday was his neurologist appointment to go over his MRI that was taken last week. Everything is looking good. I had no doubt that it wouldn't. What was left in there is so would take forever for it to grow again. Or well...that is my professional opinion :)  Dr. Hadgipanayis was very glad to see how well he was doing. Loved how his eye was looking after the eye surgery. He didn't seem to positive about the facial paralysis but I point blank told him we were not going to give up on that and we are staying positive that it will come back.

Earlier that morning we took a trip back up to the Neuro ICU ward and delivered 30 Thirty-One Pocket A Totes that I had embroidered with the words "Believe..." and then filled with goodies. We explained to the nurses that Billy was a patient there in room 3107 4 months ago and that this was just something our hearts compelled us to donate. A bag is to be given to each family as they come in so that they will know someone is thinking about them during this tough time in their lives. The nurses were excited and they loved seeing how well Billy was doing. We even saw a familiar face while we were there. After that we headed to Floor 9 to leave Dr. Vivas her present. Just a small token of thanks for all her caring and hard work. And yep. It was a Thirty One bag She called later on that night to thank us personally and to see how the Neuro appointment went. She on the other hands thinks the small things we have seen with Billy's face is a good sign! That's why I love her...she is so positive and upbeat about things.

So we are good to go for 6 months. At that 6 months mark we will head back to Emory for another MRI and to see Dr. H and Dr. Vivas at the same time. So it will be an Emory filled day for sure. At that time Dr. Vivas said we will re-evaluate his facial paralysis and then discuss further measures. I think at that time we may talk about a hearing aid also. It will not help him hear as that part of his ear is gone, but it will help him re-route sound to his good ear. As far as the facial paralysis they are talking about connecting the facial nerve to his tongue nerve to help with some of the dropping. I'm just not sure about that personally. I love him just as he is. And if God sees fit that this is the way he should be...then who am I to question or complain. I see my love. Not paralysis. So really that ball is in his court. I am not sure he would like another surgery...I know I wouldn't. But.....I will continue doing as I have and just pray that what shall be will be. I am just happy that I have my husband with me....healthy...and happy.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

12 weeks Post Op

It's really hard to believe that in just a few days we will be at 12 weeks post op. 3 months! WOW.
I'm so proud of him for the journey he has taken and so quickly. 12 weeks ago I honestly didn't know how we would get to the next step and here we are....

Last week Billy returned to work...his first full week... 11 hour days for 5 days. And he did awesome! I knew he would be pretty tired and come Thursday it was showing on him. But he got up and went each day without any hesitation. He has spent the weekend pretty much resting up which is fine with me. Each week will be another step closer to getting his strength back for sure. Tonight we are celebrating with Omaha Steaks, chicken kabobs and veggies. Thanks to our dear friends Emily and Howard Bach!!

Billy's eye is looking better each day. There is still a little bit of an area swollen and the stitches haven't desolved totally yet (I saw one yesterday). But over all it looks good. I know he is super glad it closes and has made that part of life a little easier.

Our fundraiser has went very well. We are 20 bags short of reaching our goal of 50 bags but I am so super excited that we have raised enough for 30!  I called and got the okay with Emory to bring them to the Neuro-ICU ward in March. Now the process of filling them all and just getting them packed to go. I'm still hoping to raise enough for the last 20. The link is to the right of this blog....I haven't updated the latest donation so we are almost at $400 :) awesome isn't it :) Thank you to everyone that has made it possible.

Thanks for hanging in there with us....