Friday, August 17, 2018

A lot has happened since May

A lot has happened since I last posted in May.

We finally were able to get past the swollen lymph notes. He did end up having not only a needle biopsy but then turned around and had two of the nodes removed. Both biopsies came back good and only revealed reactive lymph nodes. He continued his antibiotics well into June.

The Leukemia dr....the ENT....the Infectious Disease one could figure out what was the cause of everything. Which we guess is good? Either way we are over that hurdle.

But during that time frame his shoulders began to hurt considerably. So we added a Rheumatoid specialist to the mix of physicians. All those tests came back normal as well.

The Leukemia doctor finally was able to release him from the BMT clinic. That was a happy day. But on the same day his platelets fell with no explanation. Over the course of a month they would fluctuate and the oncologist referred us back to the BMT for another Bone Marrow Biopsy. The fear was that his Leukemia had returned. After an agonizing few weeks we found out that he is STILL IN REMISSION! Thank you Lord.

We just saw the Leukemia doctor this week and he does not have to return for another 6 months. This is AWESOME! So right now he is cancer clean. We also began seeing an Orthopedic for his shoulders. It appears he has Frozen Shoulder. The cause....possibly the chemo and being inactive for 10 months. So we start physical therapy in a few weeks and he received shots in each shoulder.

I think we are finally over the biggest hill and we can now start the decent to a semi normal life again. We are 11 months from his initial diagnosis. It's hard to believe that it has been so long and then on other days it feels like it has been forever since this started.

We have a full few months. With Physical Therapy...Paulding Meadows...hopefully a trip away...then another art show in November.

We also celebrated our 20th Anniversary on July 31st. I tried my best to make this the most amazing anniversary. Every day in July I shared on Social Media why I love him. Sharing pictures from the past...his crazy antics...and just simply wanting him to know exactly why he means so much to me. On our anniversary I was able to give him a sign that I made, with a little help from my friends, that had I love you spelled out in a bunch of different languages. He really is the center of my life and I love him so very much. I'm looking forward to many more anniversaries to come.

Okay stay tuned because I will be posting my kitchen backsplash redo that I accomplished back in May as well as a few other DIY projects we have finished and a few in the works.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

A note to my children

A note to my children....

I know with Mother's Day only a week away...that you both are pondering "what should I get mom"....or you have already asked me "Hey mom what do you want"....or I know you have already asked your dad ;)


The last 7 months has taught me so much in so many different ways. One of those things has been material items. Sure it is great to have the latest and have fun toys or more craft supplies or pretty bling or this and that. But does it make you happy....I mean deep down truly happy? Is it what you really, really want? For me....not anymore. You see.....7 months ago I was pretty sure I was going to lose your dad. I really and truly was scared. Underneath the strength I tried to muster was always in the back of my mind. Real quickly I realized that over time we let ourselves become wrapped up in things that don't really matter. And we lose sight of what truly makes us happy in life.

3 months ago I got to watch the birth of my second grandbaby. THIS! This is what matters. 2 months ago your dad was told he is in remission. THIS! This is what makes my heart smile to the heavens. Watching the two of you grow into adults and then grow your own little families....THIS is what every mother wants. I have done my job as a mother......and now I get the chance to sit back and watch YOU grow into parenthood with your dad sitting right here beside me. To watch Butterbean give her mom a run for her watch Peanut smile and laugh......the joy that brings me is unexplainable.

You want to know what I want for Mother's Day...
my sweet children...
I already have everything I want in my my family. There is nothing on this earth that means more to me than that.

I love you always,

Saturday, March 24, 2018

What Cancer has taught me

What Cancer has taught me:

  • First and foremost Cancer Sucks
  • To live life with no regrets. Stop putting off the things that we want to do. Don't be sorry for living your life and making memories
  • What true friendship looks like - they are there for you no matter what you need and even if you didn't ask
  • How to open up and accept help from others. Which is always hard for me since I love doing for others but have never been great at accepting help. Your friends and family are there for you. Lean on them. 
  • Not to take anything for granted. Not. A. Single. Thing. Enjoy the gift of life
  • Don't sweat the small stuff. In the big scheme of things...the small stuff is just that...small. 
  • It showed me how to look around and see our true blessings. Not what we can buy next. Or that new cool phone. Your TRUE blessings...which are right there with you...beside you...those are what really matter in life. 
  • It taught me that even though it feels like your life is falling apart - like you don't know how to continue or move to the next chapter - stressing over bills and cleaning the house - it really is about rebuilding - adjusting - and how your life will be so much stronger. 
  • That you are really stronger than you believe you are...even if you feel like your falling apart inside...that strength will pull you through. 
  • It taught me just how strong my faith really is and to surrender it trust in that faith to pull you through the darkest of times. 
  • It taught me to never give up....EVER
  • It has showed me what true courage is. Watching a loved one go through treatments..fighting for life with everything they have....that...that is true courage. 
  • Cancer does not make us a survivor....WE have it in us already....each one of us. 
  • It has taught me just how strong our love is for those we hold close and cherish. An unbreakable love. 
  • That care giving is hard but we do what we must for those we love
  • Life is short and it is up to us to make our time here amazing and make so many memories.