Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Week 7

Can you believe that! Week7! We are over the half way mark!!! YIPEEEE

Today we headed back to Emory to visit with Dr. Vivas and the Physical Therapist. More about that in a moment. Let's do a catch up...

I got a little excited for Billy yesterday....as we were going to bed he said the left side of his face was hurting! OH YEAH! Well...don't get me wrong...I don't want him to hurt but pain is good...means that nerve is working in there! I know it is so frustrating for him and I just want him to be able to see small bits of rejuvenation going on. And another great thing...the swelling at his incision, the CSF leak, went back down to normal. Shewwww...THAT made me feel better for sure!

He also had a great day Saturday heading down to the deer camp with my dad. It was a quick day trip. Down there, recover a deer stand, and come back. He drove to my dads and back by himself (and yes I worried like a new mom sending her kid out in a car for the first time) and they headed on down for a while. He did great. Didn't use the cane and his eye didn't give him too much of a fit. That was all an A+ in my book. Sunday we just kinda relaxed a bit. I let him chill out, kicked back in the recliner, while I worked a little and piddled around the house.

Now to the Physical Therapist visit...
He did pretty good with all the tests she put him through. I didn't get to watch him walking with her down the hall but it sounded like he wavered a little bit but not bad. For the most part he did excellent. She has given him instructions on some harder exercises. We asked about work but she is not ready for him to go back yet...and personally...I think he needs a few more weeks under his belt first. Soooooooo with that said....we go back February 10th to see the PT and then Dr. Vivas. If all things go okay and he has increased his points with the physical therapist and closer to the 100% point range....we will be pushing to get the okay to go back to work that week. Crossing fingers it all goes as we hope. He is sooooo ready to get back to work. We stopped off at the gym so that he could check out the machines and such....in hopes that he will want to visit the gym and try to get some of his stamina back before he does go to work. I know that first week or so is going to zap him totally. BUT I feel great knowing I have some eyes on him while he is there at work :)  Will not make me feel as nervous knowing someone is keeping an eye on him for me. We took a trip to Walmart on the way home and he actually decided to go out to eat. The first time in 7 weeks he has been out to eat. He was worried of making a mess with his face...HA...I fooled him...I made a bigger mess than he did! LOL. Over all the day was great. Lots of good news and a goal for him to look forward too. I think he is so excited of the potential of going back to work..that it is 44 degrees outside and spitting snow and he is packing up Christmas decorations and blowing the dirt out of the garage. lol.

Also I wanted to share a new venture we are doing....https://www.youcaring.com/other/just-believe-/128391 - I found this website You Caring that will allow you to set up individual fundraisers. I LOVE that! So off I go on my newest goal....to raise enough funds to buy 50 pouches that I can fill full of goodies and donate to the patients families at the Emory Healthcare Midtown Neurology ICU ward! I remember so clearly 7 weeks ago today visiting Billy at 10:30 that night...after waiting very impatiently as he was having a 12 hour surgery...and seeing him for the first time in ICU. For 2.5 days I sat there with him from 6 in the morning until about 10 at night. It was the most scariest time of my life. So began my project stirring in my head...to raise enough money to buy these bags and fill with crackers, gum, candy, notebook and pen...anything that will help pass the time. Because I know for me...I didn't want to leave his side. And most of the time it was just me there by myself. I want someone else in that situation to know that an "angel" is with them...holding their hand and letting them know that they are in someone else's thoughts and prayers. Maybe it will even bring a little smile to their face in a time of need. Yep that is  my goal. And then anything over and beyond the pouches I am donating to the National Brain Tumor Association. In hopes that just a little bit of $$ will go a long way in helping other people catch these Brain Tumors earlier or to help with education or cures. I have huge dreams and hopes.....but it has to start somewhere...right :)  Even if it is $1....that is $1 more than we had!

And I am so proud to annouce that we have a total of $90 so far!!!!! wooooohooooooo!

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