Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Little Nervous for a Moment

So the weekend went along pretty good. Nothing crazy. Billy helped with groceries Saturday and took over feeding the animals again. I think he did over do it a little and was pretty tired and dragging on Sunday. Little steps.

Monday came along and that evening he went out to the feed the dogs and came back with a subconjunctival hemorrhage. About freaked me out. But there is nothing you can do for them.

Tuesday I came home...his eye looked a little less bloody but darn if that "squishy" spot on his incision area had gotten bigger. Lots bigger. As in goose egg big. Yep. I was on the phone immediately to the neurosurgeons office. I took some pictures and emailed them over to the triage nurse who forwarded them to the surgeon. Now we wait. And wait. And off to work I go Wednesday with no call. I finally sent the triage nurse an email and received a phone call back in about 10 minutes. Dr. H. says that he has a CSF (cerebrospinal fluid leak) which they tell me is pretty common and nothing to worry about. Well that is unless its YOUR husband and then yes I worry. Because they had to cut open the dura to get next to the was patched with a cows heart. And then a plate replaces the skull bone. This patch of course can leak a little which is causing the pocket of fluid to build up. The body should absorb this fluid and as the body continues to heal it will stop leaking. You forget....because you see the outside of the body only....that so much went on INSIDE the body that this takes so much longer to heal. So the bone and dura will take a while to heal, therefore possibly CSF leaks, therefore a little monitoring on our end. Just have to make sure he doesn't start a fever or the area gets warm to the touch. Then we are talking an infection. So you know me....nurse Becky is kicked in again and just keeping an eye on him.

But this afternoon we did load up in the truck and he drove to my parents house. The first time he has drove since December 2nd. 6 weeks ago. I wasn't nervous at all...which is odd for me. He did really good but I could tell he was a little hesitant at times. And a few times he moved too quickly and just said "okay lets not do that again". I could only giggle. He is learning. He is a champ. and he is doing great.

I am proud of him for the obstacles he has over come in such a short period. This tumor will not win. HE will win in the end for sure.

We will be back with more updates come Tuesday and Wednesday of next week. He has his next Physical Therapy appointment and then to see Dr. Long about the lid weight. Should be a productive week....and interesting. I think I am learning more about the brain, tumors and eye conditions than I would like to know.

Oh and cross your fingers...Saturday he is taking a day trip with my dad! I am tickled for him to get out of the house for an extended amount of time and with someone other than us crazy people. I am sure he is tired of looking at me for the last 6 weeks!

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