Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Gold Eye Lid Weight

So today has just been one of those days. I think a stop at Starbucks this morning would of set the day on track. lol.

But on a good note....Billy came up to the office today and had another office visit with Dr. Long. He is our ocuplasty surgeon at the clinic. We wanted to evaluate the left eye and see what our next step will be. I was kinda taken back that his vision in that eye had changed from 20/40 to 20/150. A lot of that could of been just the irriation from the eye being so dry. And he also used drops that morning so hoping that was some of it. We attached a trial weight to his eyelid and he can finally blink! YEAH. I know it has to feel better. But unfortunately we have one more procedure to do. I was really hoping we could put off the surgical weight but he is now scheduled for a Gold Weight Surgery next Friday.
Actually two procedures. The first one will consist of a small incision in the eye lid and they will then insert a Gold (we are using Titanium) Weight in the lid. This will help his eye stay closed and reduce the use of so many drops and lubricants for his eye. And will also help him outside from the wind blowing in his eye or the sun blinding him. The next procedure will be a small cut at the corner of the eye where the surgeon will "tuck" his eye. The bottom of the lid droops also so this will pull the bottom lid up and will help it meet the top lid better for an almost full closure. He will once again be put to sleep. Surgery should be no more than an hour. A WHOLE lot better than the first surgery. After this we are hoping it will be the last procedure he will need.

I haven't given up that he will regain his facial movement. Nope....I'm sticking with the positive that it will come back...along with lots of prayers. If it doesn't we are all okay but ya know...I just feel it will come back. It may not be tomorrow...may not be next month...but eventually :)

And our next visit with the neurologist is scheduled in March along with another MRI.

Thank you for hanging in there with us :)

And thank you so much to those that have generously donated to our fundraiser! I am excited that we have $125 so far and still 39 days to go. So far that will buy 7 bags and I have 4 already so we are at 11 with just 39 more to go! This is awesome! You guys are wonderful!!!

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