Saturday, January 11, 2014

Neurosurgeon Follow-Up

Billy has been doing better and better with each day. It is so great to see him almost to his regular before surgery self. Thursday I came home and he was already dressed and had spent an hour outside just walking around :) That brought a smile to my face for sure. He has been eating good - still not gaining weight - but he is eating really good.

Friday I decided I would take him back to his work and surprise the crew there. Everyone was so glad to see him. I think it was good for him and for them to see that he is making progress. It was also a nice little test...the floor is not even in the warehouse so it was good for him to see how stable he would be walking around. He passed my tests :)

Then off to Emory for our first Neurology appointment since the surgery. I have to admit I was a little nervous. First Dr. Stephanie came in and was so glad to see him. Said he looked great. Checked the incision which looked good. She was able to explain for us the bald spot on the opposite side of his head. While prepping for surgery they did insert his head into a halo to hold it still. So there were three little pins. We haven't found the other two sites but the third one made his hair fall out. It's about the size of a dime. She also explained all the little probes that he had all over his body and how he laid on the table. He has so neck stiffness which she wants him to use heating pads for.

Dr. H came in not to long after. It was GREAT to see him. He had Billy walk across the room...said his balance was pretty good. Just a little wobbly. But not bad. Said his incision looked great. I was concerned because he has an area that is real squishy. He told us that it is probably fluid that has built up but that he did not see any leakage so it would be okay and absorb into the body. Glad to hear because that really made me nervous. He removed all restricitions!!!! Yeah! And he can start driving a little bit at a time but is not ready to start back driving the big trucks yet. Still has to wait to go back to work. I think Billy is okay with that for a little bit just because he needs to get a little bit more stable on his walking and such. We have to see the physical therapist in one more week, on the 21st, and she will have more of a say on his time frame on returning to work. But I think the no restrictions lifted his spirits and he told Shawn he would take over on the animals again and he is talking about straighting up the! No holding him back now!

As far as the paralysis....everything is still the same. Dr. H confirmed that during the surgery the nerve was responding well to stimulation and that this could still take a long time to heal. He is concerned for his eye and wants us to see Dr. Long for the gold weight procedure. We have an appointment on the 22nd and see what he thinks about the temporary weight at this time so that he doesn't need another surgery. Dr. H also mentioned a facial nerve surgery but I don't think that is something Billy wants to do. I asked him to let us wait a year and see if he regains anything. I love him just as he is so as long as he is comfortable with things we will let this all sit in God's hands.

But I do think it is healing. This morning while laying in bed he asked me to look at his eye. He could blink and it would almost close. Even as he got up it was doing the same but as the day progresses it gets back to not closing. I think that is a start. Baby steps is what we are taking and I am okay with that. This morning he is drinking coffee for the first real time.

We return in 2 months for another follow up visit and another MRI. Now my job is to get these scheduled before his medical insurance renews. So far we are at $200,000 dollars for this surgery...isn't that crazy. Thank GOD that we don't have to pay that and his insurance has picked up the majority of it. And I thank God that he is here with me and getting better each day! I love it. And I love him with all my heart.

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