Friday, January 3, 2014

HELLO 2014!

Good morning blog land and our faithful readers!!!

Well it's here....2014! Yet another year! I can't wait to see what this year will hold! But I know it will be a good one.
Why wouldn't it be! My husband is HOME....he is on the road to recovery...and he no longer has a pesky brain tumor! That is an AMEN right there!!!!

We have a very quiet New Year! Billy went to bed early but we had our own quick celebration for the camera :)  New Year Day was very quiet too. We watched Danie that day but she left that evening and it was just Billy and I. We decided to play catch up and get started on watching Season 1 of The Walking Dead! I think we (or at least I am) are addicted. Now if I could just get sleepy man to stay up until 9 with me.

Nothing exciting happening....we do have his neuro appointment coming up next Friday. He is done with his antibiotics and seems to have knocked the pneumonia out...yeah. I was joking with him the other day that a plus to the paralysis is that he doesn't need botox! No wrinkles!!! He said Dr. H could hook me up! I'm glad that we can laugh about things. I feel this has surely brought us even closer together. I know he is ready to get back to regular life. Now that he is done with the meds I think he can start to get back to feeling "normal" in a way. Or at least more into the New Normal as we put it. We are praying and hoping for some progress on the paralysis over the next 4 weeks.

I decided I would share a few we are creeping up on 5 weeks since the surgery and just thought I would share a little picture journey. I didn't take many...wasn't sure how he would feel about that but I do have a few. This is the first day out of surgery. Wednesday, December 4th...ICU. out cold. He had a very funky color to him. But so not what I expected. I was thinking tubes and breathing tubes and all kinds of stuff. Now mind you he did have a lumbar Drain, IV, heart  monitor, catheter, blood pressure cup and oxygen monitor on. So that was tubes enough...but just not nearly what I was thinking it would be in my head when you think of ICU.

In this picture, while he was sleeping, I grabbed a shot of his incision. I figured at some point he would want to see what it looked like. It was larger than I thought it would be. But they didn't shave his hair as much as we imagined. This was day two. Still in ICU and groggy. Now the stitches are out, the hair is growing over it and pretty soon you would not know that he just had major brain surgery!

This one I just grabbed while he was watching TV. I am a sneaky picture We were in his private room at this point. I think this was day 4 or 5. Can't remember. But he was finally watching TV and looked like his old self with his glasses on!

Well that is all the pictures I have except for a few Christmas ones but those will come later. Just wanted to pop in and just say HI and wish each of you a great year.

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