Monday, December 30, 2013

Really this is the last post of the year


I received an email today. I was giggling half way through it. And then when I finally got to the end I was in tears. It's amazing how words of encouragement can touch your heart at the right moment. I am asked so many do you do it all. I have no answer for you really. It is just who I am. Yes I do get overwhelmed at times but I just put on a happy smile and tell myself that I CAN do this. Right now....I do what I do because of one thing...I simply LOVE my husband. He is my Rock. And I know that if we were in swapped places...he would do the same for me if not more.

15.5 years ago we stood in front of our families and God and promised to love each other through the good times and the bad. And everything in between. So that is what we do. No questions asked. Would I go through all of this BET! This little ole brain surgery is just a hurdle...its not a barricade. And we will jump the hurdle...together!

This weekend was great. I'm happy to report that Billy trudged along with me to Target and the grocery store. He needed some fresh air and to just get out of the house. I don't blame him really. He is still really slow....and I do my best to not run away walking so fast :) as I am used to doing with him. I have to keep these little legs walking fast to keep up with him. Now I am just teaching my self to be a little slower for now. But that is good ya know. It's a good thing to learn to slow down in life a little. For those that know me....slow is probably something I should do more often. Our adventures did wear him out a bit and he had a good 2 hour nap. Waking up to hearing me talk to my computer as I am trying to put a new CD drive and Power Supply in there. I think he may have laughed a few times. Sunday we took off to Wal-mart to walk around.

He is getting his appetite back which makes my heart smile. He still has a long way to go in that aspect but I am NOT going to be picky and will take what I can get! He even fussed at Kayla which was so nice to hear :) Well maybe not on her end but it was for me.

Tomorrow marks a month - 4 weeks - since Surgery. amazing isn't it. I really think that month has flown by. Maybe not for Billy...I think he is still thrown off on his days...but I know for me it is just crazy that 4 weeks is here now. 10 more days and we head to the Dr. again. already a few questions for him so I hope he is ready.

As far as the paralysis.....some days Billy feels his face is swollen on that side or feels funky. I "think" that is good. I want to say that I am seeing a little more movement with his eyelid but I am not 100% may just be me wishing to see it. Either way.....however this turns out further out in the year....that is the least of my concerns. My husband is here with me....we are together....and I feel that this will only make us stronger.

thanks for keeping up with us.
your continued prayers and thoughts are so appreciated.
We love you all
Becky & Billy

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