Monday, December 23, 2013

Week Three

Just one day shy of three weeks post surgery.

The last few days have been good for sure. Billy ventured out with me to the grocery store. Of course that was a little bit over the 20 minutes of walking he is to be doing so of course he was exhausted by the time we got home. But I am glad he went with me :) We had our Christmas diner at the Waters lake Saturday night...he stayed home....but he did eat the lasagna I brought home! Aunt Ramona was happy about that.

Sunday started off really good but ended, towards mid afternoon through evening, with him not feeling well. Not sure if it was the medication he was taking or what. And he said that his face was feeling swollen on the left side. Of course it wasn't so not sure if that feeling is a result of the nerve trying to fire up?? I have no clue. I made some Brunswick Stew but I don't think he really felt up to eating it.

We are kinda on our own for a while. His next appointment is not until January 10th which will be 5 weeks after surgery. So I am just doing the best I can where I can. Still doctoring the eye. It got really aggravated Saturday so we patched it mid-day. Yesterday it looked much better. I wish it would close for him. I hate the thought of another surgery but if it doesn't begin closing soon we may have to consider the titanium weight that would be inserted in his eye lid. I hate the thought but we need to make sure we preserve his cornea and keep it safe.

I finally got me a good ole Billy hug yesterday. Boy I have missed those.

I guess we are as ready for Christmas as we are going to be. It really just doesn't seem it should be that time of the year. I know I have said that so many times. Just feels odd I guess. I know Billy will enjoy watching little Butterbean this year. She is so excited for Santa to bring her presents. I started talking to her about Jesus and it being his birthday. She is just too cute. Last night as I was rocking her we both said together "Jesus I love you...Amen".

I am still so very thankful for each person that continues to pray for us....send us emails....bless us with gift is really overwhelming. You have touched our hearts in so many ways.

We love you,
Becky and Billy

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