Friday, December 27, 2013

Closing out the year

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas holiday.
Ours was very busy in the morning...but then when you have a 2.5 year's going to be busy. She left for the afternoon and it was really, really quiet. Billy rested. I worked around the house. It was an odd Christmas. Just too quiet. But hasn't felt like the holidays to me.

Yesterday I got the tree down and all the decorations put up. Getting some sort of order back to the house is important to me. At least for my sanity.

Billy has been doing well this week. Getting his rest. Chatting when he feels up to it. We haven't taken any strolls outside...just too cold. But I think his pneumonia is getting better. Not nearly coughing like he was. Just 6 more days of his antibiotics. He is ready to ditch them now. His incision looks great. Still taking good care of his eye. Some days it looks really red and other days it looks good. He sat down with me at lunch today and ate a whole can of chicken noodle soup. PRAISE the Lord! I know I have really been on him about eating. I know he is hungry and he is trying. is hard being a care giver for sure. I want to push and rush....and this you just can't. So it helps when I just step back for a I took a good walk outside by myself...and just prayed for guidance. We still have 2 weeks until his next appointment. We will not tell the Dr. that stubborn Billy decided to help us yank the tree apart! Nope....will keep that a secret. I thought I was going to die! He knows just how to worry me.

I've been quiet here on the blog....just not a whole lot to report. But no news is good right :)
Slow and steady we go...forward, ready and together.

I know I am ready for 2014! It's been a trying year for 2013 for sure.

I've got some organizing goodies to help me get started. Ready to kick off my Thirty-One business even more....tackle all these bills coming in....get ready for conference in OHIO.....hopefully plan us a few trips once he is better....get back into my healthy eating regiman.....and look at 2014 with an entirely new outlook on life.

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