Thursday, December 19, 2013

First Post Op Appointment

Today we met with the ENT Surgeon, Dr. Vivas. Have I mentioned before how much I love her! She is my favorite out of all the surgeons.

I asked her about Billy's stitches and waiting another 2 weeks. She said nope...they are coming out today. So they did. He has healed up so good there and will be so glad to finally wash his hair!
We asked her about the facial paralysis and real time frame as to when this will heal. On a bright note....he can feel light touch on that side where as he couldn't the day after surgery. That was a glimmer of hope for me that the healing has begun. Our next question was eating. He is having such a difficult time eating and she even noticed he had lost a lot of weight. And for those that know Billy...he doesn't have a whole lot to lose. Pretty soon he will be catching up with me. She took a look at his tongue and bless his heart....he has chewed a good bit of his tongue and has a hole there. Then came the scope and down his nose she went. Her inital thought was that he is asperating which is causing the coughing that is not going away. came the vocal/speech therapist who decided we needed to do a barium swallow test in the next day or two. The biggest concern that food and water is going down the wrong pipe. His vocal cords are also paralyized!! That we didn't know. But that explains the scratchy sound to his voice. Dr. Vivas also ordered an Xray to see if he has pneumonia.

Next we head over to the voice center which worked us in. From there Dr. Johns did a more details scope down his nose and made a video of him swallowing with food and drink. I have to admit it was pretty interesting but I can vouch and say that I saw no aspirating! He looked really uncomfortable and I felt bad that he was going through all of this and most of it unexpected. I mean....we just came in for a post op appointment. So we left Dr. Johns office feeling aspirating, vocal cords are not working on the left side but he believes that will return and wants to see us in 2 months.

Now off to the Physical Therapist. She put him through a few battery of tests like she did last time. A huge difference in his balance with his eyes closed. But that will come back in time. He took a few questionaires and I was glad to hear him say that he felt about 75% on some of the areas, such as getting around the house, etc. Makes me feel better leaving him at home so that I can go to work. The eye tests make him very dizzy so we will work on those. Baby steps.

Now we head to the X-ray room. I got to go in with them and saw the X-ray as it was completing. It looked like pneumonia to me...because you know I am working towards my MD at this point :) - but we will wait for the officical notice on this one. Now BACK to Dr. Viva's office. At this point it is about 1:00. We started this venture at Emory at 8:30 this morning.

We headed back up to Dr. Vivas' office and she came out to give us an RX. Originally she thought Billy may need IV antibiotics but we are going with a very strong oral pill first. Still waiting on the X-ray confirmation at this time.

So home we went...finally. The day really wore Billy out but I think there was some progress made steps for sure....and some good that out weighed the bad.

After I got home I found out the nurse had called and he indeed has pneumonia in his left lung. So we will take these antibiotics for 14 days and also some mucinex. Hopefully within a few days he will feel like a different person. I know he is ready to get feeling better for sure.

But.....we will take the baby steps. No more stitches....he can shower like normal now....walking better.....

We will continue to work on the eating....get some weight on him.....and just go from there.

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