Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Day two

Man what a difference a night makes.
I walked into the room this morning and here he is with his eyes wide open and looking at me! Loved it!

He had a little bit of a rough night. The nausea was pretty bad and he did get sick several times. Because of that he had his most favorite breakfast ever - jello - NOT! May I just say he hates jello. But he did try a little bit of it. And then it made him sick...sigh. Liquid diet here we come.

I got to meet the surgeons again this morning. He was taken back for an early MRI which he passed with flying colors. The left side of his face is still paralized. As he puts it....he feels like it got into it with a dentist and his whole left side is numb...even his tongue. At this point he can't smile, lift his eye brow or close his eye. We were hoping this wouldn't happen but it did. So now we just hope that it is because that facial nerve is mad and swollen. With time we pray that it will heal and he will regain most of the feeling and movement. Right now I am just concerned with his eye (well you know i do work at an eye clinic!) and I don't want it drying out so they are keeping it filled with drops every four hours.

I left for lunch and came back to him sitting up in my chair! I am not sure he was to thrilled about it. He had just taken a shot of moraphine. Now here this fella just had brain surgery and he complains that his hip hurts! 12 hours of laying on his hip for surgery made a pretty nasty red place so that is really the only pain he has...with the exception if they lay him down...then his head hurts. Later on in the day he did get up again and they were surprised he didn't have more dizziness than what he was having. He seems to NOT be a text book case and is doing better than they thought he would be. The speach therapist came in and worked with him on how to eat and drink with this paralysis. He is doing good :)

By the time I left today he had some chicken, ice cream and fruit. Tomorrow I am sure he will be asking for steak and potatoes.

The goal for tomorrow....he will still be in ICU but the goal is to get this lumbar drain out. Dr. H wanted it in for a good 2 full days. And we also hope that he will get into a room and out of ICU tomorrow. I'm also pretty sure they will be getting him up and about a little bit more. He has been really alert and talking to me more, asking questions and relaying what the Dr.s have been saying in case I wasn't there when they stopped by. His incision looks GREAT. I can't even tell you how many stitches he has. along with the stitches on the brain and the plate he is now sporting :). And yes he is fussing if I am not getting something to eat.

Tomorrow will be a better day...I just know he will be on the road to mending. He can't wait to get home and see Butterbean. He asks about her every day.

Thank you for the continued support and prayers. I can't thank you enough nor explain how deeply touched we are with the out pouring of love, care and prayers.

Becky and Billy

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