Monday, December 9, 2013

Day Six and Seven

To be honest I can't remember a ton about day Six. I finally was able to get up there around 11 since Kayla had to work that morning. He was alert and talking to me when I came in and ate a good bit of his breakfast. The most I remember about that day is that he talked to me ALL day.....he was able to stay awake and it was so nice.

He had lots of visitors too. Kit and Karan Wiley came by. It was great to finally meet them and see that someone else had the same thing...and how he is doing. Kim and Charles came by with Delaney. Dr. Vivas stopped by again. And Randy came in later on that afternoon. I was in there for the long haul and stayed the night. I think they also removed his Lumbar Drain tube that day.

That night.....wooooooooo...what a night. He talked ALL night long and got up 5 times. Scared me to death 5 more times. I didn't sleep one wink. Not one! Man was it a long night.

Sometime or another in the morning on Monday, a nurse gave him moriphen. WHY??? He didn't ask for it. And that just made the morning ick. He slept all morning long. But we had discharge orders and it was just a matter of talking to each person that needed to come by. The OT and Social Worker assigned us some Home Healthcare Therapy for a few days. Her first visit is tomorrow. He was sent home with a walker. Incision looks great. They showed me what to look for. LD site looks great. He still has a pretty red hip and side but looking better. The left side droop is the same but now his eye is pretty inflammed. So Dr. Becky is working on that one. Appointment Saturday to see one of our Docs at MEC :)

We got him up and dressed, packed, and out the door we went! That was a super great feeling.
I did stop by and check on my new found friends husband on Sunday. He is still hanging in there so the prayers are working for sure. They expect 3 more weeks in ICU and then several months in a rehab facility. I wish I could of seen his wife before we left but I did talk to his dad and wife. They were so grateful for all the prayers and support from total strangers. Gotta love the power of prayer!

Today we are home...he has ventured around the house several times. Scared me several more. Ate some yummy potato soup. I spent 1.5 hours tracking down pharmacies to get all his meds filled. He showered for the first time in a week (I know he is happy). Right now he is sleeping until medicine time. And I can only hope we can get the talking in his sleep under control so that we BOTH can sleep!!

Tomorrow is his birthday and so much to celebrate! It's still a long road but so glad that this first week is done and gone.

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David Blair said...

Tell Bill that Mutt and everybody at Whitaker wishes him a Happy Birthday and a very speedy recovery. Sounds like he is doing good and we are all happy for yall. Our prayers and well wishes are with yall.