Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Day eight and nine

Can you believe it is Day NINE? Just a week ago we were sitting in ICU. The time has gone by quicker than I expected but at the same time has felt like forever. If that makes any sense at all.

Billy had a quiet Birthday yesterday. He slept most of the day. The Home Health Nurse came out for thier evaluation and will be back out on thursday. After she left he crashed for the day. Lots of visitors yesterday...Michele and Steven Zach brought some chicken noodle soup from Kim and some balloons and dad stopped by....and Patricia and Chad Almond came by with some homemade pasta (and I know it has to be good because that girl cooks authentic sauce!).

Lots of Dr calls coming in. We have our Post Op scheduled for next week and stitches coming out New Years Eve. Still need to get the Neuro surgeon appt made but it will be a few more weeks. Surgery site looks good still. That is a blessing. Lumbar Drain bandage came off yesterday and is healing nicely. He still has a Stage I sore on his side from laying on the table. Not sure how to treat that so I am just keeping some cream on it.

He sayyyyyyssss...that he wants to bundle up and go for an outside walk today but we will see. His eye is looking much better but hey....just call me Nurse Becky....a little TLC fixes anything right :)

Today has been a quiet day. I've been working on business stuff and organizing while he has been chilling in the chair watching TV and snoozing. I am trying not to hover over him today and just let him do his own thing. Heating up some Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup (thank you Kim) for lunch and then see how the afternoon goes.

The prayers are still felt from everywhere and so appreciated.
Baby steps. we will get there. I almost don't want to go back to work next week. It's like when you are waiting for your child to walk for the first time or to say a word...I keep watching for little improvements and I don't want to miss them! But.....reality check....someone has to work I guess. I will worry the whole time I am there.

love to all from us
Becky and Billy

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