Thursday, December 12, 2013

Day 10

Good morning!
Here we are at Thursday. I really hate the idea of going back to work on Monday. I really don't want to leave my fella at home alone. But I think I should be able to work half days and have some folks stop in to check on him here and there. So all should be good. I hope.

He had a good nights sleep. He even snuck out to the bathroom without me hearing him until he had already gotten to the bathroom and turned on the light. Little stinker. I thought after 10 hours of sleep he would of had enough but he drank some orange juice and then a boost....and headed back to the recliner where he has been for an hour sleeping. The Home Health Nurse should be here soon for her second visit. My dad is stopping by for a while so I can leave and head to the post office and swing by Target for some more items for Billy.

Yesterday I got an awesome issue in the mail from the Acoustic Neuroma Association. It came at a perfect time - Post Treatment Issues: Current and Future Care for the New Normal. That is not the first time I have heard that...the New Normal....but it is finally sinking in. Nothing will be the same again....nothing will be the normal it used to we have a New Normal. A few life altering things that just replace our past normal ways. I think if you go forward knowing that now things will be different and don't expect them to go back as they will progress well. It's hard...that is for sure....but it is doable. What is his "New Normal" - a condition containing dizziness, hearing loss, headaches, fatigue and maybe even some depression. Hearing Loss - we've got that. Not a big deal. I think this one will be easy to overcome. The balance will be a little harder to adjust too. AN's are tumors of the 8th cranial nerve, the nerve for hearing and balance. Well that nerve is gone. So hence hearing loss and balance issues. So far he has been doing better with the balance than I expected. Although he has only walked on level services and not many steps. That will be the tricky part and will take some time I'm sure. Dizziness is a result of the damage to the balance portion of the nerve. This is again one of the "new normals". This will take time and the brain will ultimately compensate for the complete loss of balance function. We are going to attempt to remove the nausea patch tomorrow and see how he does with the dizziness.

Yesterday we bundled up and took a stroll out side. I think fresh air is good. Refreshing. My mom brought over some cornbread dressing and fried apples. He was able to eat a little of the dressing. Still very hard to eat when half your face is not working like you want it to. But the friend apples...he had two bowls of apples and ice cream :) Tried to eat a small bit of a banana. I figured he needed to get some potassium in there so his muscles do not cramp.

His eye is looking so much better. Hopefully Dr. Long will say we have done a good job on that one. Still doesn't close on its own but we will get there. He took some Tylenol PM last night because his left jaw was hurting a little. I take that as a good sign. Maybe the feeling will start inching its way back. Baby steps. A little pain to me is a good baby step considering he has had no feeling on that side.

I tried not to hover to much yesterday and just let him do his thing. Hopefully I have been a good nurse. But I do have to say I miss him. Little things like hugs and kisses....I haven't had them. Cuddling in the chair....I'm hoping that will not be a part of this "new normal" but instead just a small pause in our old life.

Well time to go pick up before the Home Nurse gets here.
Thanks for hanging in there with us.

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