Saturday, October 5, 2013

Time sure does FLY....

And when it does flies so quickly.
So much has happened since the last time I posted.
I will see if I can catch you up :)

  • In September we finally took a much needed vacation....just Billy and Murphy, NC. It was a nice 4 day trip. I went on my first ever White Water Rafting trip! OMG that was so much fun. I would surely do that again. The only bad thing was it rained on us the WHOLE time we were going down the 2 hour river trip. Soaked to the core and cold! The rest of the trip was so nice and relaxing.
  • We also attended our 4th Paulding Meadows. I was so excited to be able to sell 16 paintings this year! YEAH! And talk about attending again next year!
  • The day after we got back from vacation....I headed to Graham Motors and cosigned with Kayla on her first ever car. Pretty scary. Not sure if more for me or her.
  • Then at the end of September we had our Family and Friends day at the Lake. Just a full day of fun.
  • October 1st I finally reached a level with Thirty-One Gifts that I never in a million years thought I could reach when I started 2 years ago. DIRECTOR! Man was I totally on cloud nine that day. Now my goals are to work hard, grow my team and work for another milestone! I WANT to walk at Conference next year!!!
  • October 2nd marked my youngest childs biggest birthday yet.....20! Hard to believe that I no longer have a child in the teens. But I do have to say he has turned out to be a fine young man.
  • Also on that day we took Billy for an MRI. This was a result from an earlier Dr's appt in September for his hearing. He has only 69% hearing left in his left ear. Cause unknown...hence the MRI
  • and even more on this day -  we also headed to Mountain Motor Sports and helped Shawn make his first real purchase. His dad cosigned for him to get a brand new Can-Am 400 4 wheeler. We figure both of the kids need to start up some credit so why not get it started now.
  • on the next day the results were in. He has an Acoustic Neorma Tumor - roughly 2.6 x 2.5 cm. This is usually a benign tumor but neverless.....something that must come out. Leaving it in can cause further damage, face paralysis or even pressure on the brain/brain stem. The Dr. was surprised at the size and was not expected it to be as large as it was. So now we are waiting on the ENT to get in touch with the Specialist to move his appt up from December 4th. They really would prefer him to not wait that long. 2 options for surgery depending on the consultation....radiosurgery (Cyberknife or Gammoknife) or an actual surgery going in behind the ear into the skull. I would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous about the future. I know he will be fine. God will watch over him......but the after affects and money....the unknown of his time out of work.....makes me nervous. But all I want is for my husband to be A-OK!
  • Today I stuffed 16 Childrens Zipper Pouches that I was able to raise money for and purchase! Very exciting. And also today we kicked off my Cancer Bag fundraiser. I hope to be able to raise enough funds to purchase 20 bags and donate to the cancer center at Kennestone.
Well I guess that pretty much catches everyone up the crazy few months we have had.
I promise to keep those that read this old, never updated, boring blog...up to date on future happenings with our life. It always seems to keep me busy that is for sure.


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