Monday, October 21, 2013

It's me again

Just a quick update...
We head to the Neurosurgeon's office this Friday to meet the Surgeon. I feel good starting off because he is the head of the Neurosurgery department (I guess he is our version of Derrik Sheppard- McDreamy). Ha.
Billy also has his surgery clearance appt that morning. So a full day of Doctors. But we are getting closer hopefully to getting a surgery date and getting ready for this next journey.

He stayed home from opening deer season this past weekend and spent it with me and Butterbean. It was great. I really wanted him to go and have a good time but I will not was great having him home to spend time with. He even helped me with my Thirty One Open house!

My mom celebrated her 63rd birthday Saturday and we learned the sad news that our Uncle Hugh passed away unexpectantly Saturday. Today we head to the funeral home. It's just always something happening it seems. Some days it is easier to carry the load of it all....some days not so much.

The weather has been great here...crisp fall has been nice. Hard to believe the month will be over soon and then we begin November. Nothing new crafty related...just haven't had the time. Although I have been having the slight bits of itching to drag out my scrappy stuff and get a few pages done. But we will see. It will happen when it happens. But I think I DO need to pull out my project life album and get caught up....since the last month I touched was March! ugh.

I hope your October has been blessed.
Remember to always love on those loved ones. Do what you can to make someone smile. Do a good deed daily. you just never know when someone needed that smile...that good deed...or just need the extra love.

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