Wednesday, October 30, 2013

And the process begins

I hope you don't mind but I think this will be the best way for me to journal and to let everyone know what is going on. I thought about CareBridge but I don't need yet another website to maintain. So blog land here ya go :)

We met the Neurosurgeon on Friday. I really, really liked him. A very young fella. He let us know more information that we didn't know yet. He will be doing 80% of the surgery and said it is one of the longest brain surgeries he does. Expect him to be in there 8-10 hours. He explained the surgery in more detail. My honey will have a titanium plate when all is said and done. And they are shooting for a December 3rd surgery date. It's futher out than we expected  but I think the timing couldn't be better considering and I know God has this all in his hands so we are here to just go with the flow and let it all fall into place.

I have to admit that as we get closer I really get  more scared. I know Billy will be fine but he is the love of  my life...he is my future...and it just really makes me scared and nervous that he has to face such a serious surgery. We joke about it a lot....but it is really to keep the mood light. I think if it wasn't for the joking I would be in the corner crying. Well....I will admit I have done that too. I think the road to recovery makes me nervous too. The unknown. I worry too much sometimes. Especially about the bills and money but as we have said to each long as the house, vehicles and food is paid for....well that is all we can do. At the same time I have this peace over me...if that makes any sense. I  know God has us wrapped in his arms and that it will all be okay. He's got this. And that really helps settle my heart too.

Sooooo as we get ready to end October and begin into November....we have so much to do. A few more Dr. appointments to get out of the way. I've gotta get him out deer hunting at least TWO times before his surgery. My birthday is rolling around but I really don't feel like celebrating it. We have a wedding to attend...those are always nice. I have my calender FULL with Thirty-One which is several ways. The extra money will help with these bills. But I am also working on earning the Director bonus so that extra $1000 will be nice too. Especially as the medical bills have started coming in already. And then of course will have a whole new meaning this year for our family for sure.

So if you can hang with me....through the ups and downs...this will be where I will update everyone and just let you know our life happenings. It may not be scrappy may not be full of fun and joy...but it is us...our life...our journey.

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