Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Reaching out to blogger land!

Hi bloggers!!
Hope all is well.
Lots going on here but is that any different than it usually

Spring is here...which means yucky Georgia Pine Pollen. My eyes itch so bad and the sinuses are not happy campers! But that is the way of the South.

I'm reaching out to all my blogger buddies....
I am starting up a fundraiser that I have kicked off as of yesterday and will continue until Mid May. I want to close it out in Mid May so that I can deliver my project at the end of May. What is it you ask?? I am collecting donations to put towards the purchase of 12 Thirty One Zipper Pouches. I will then take these and fill them up with activity books, toys and other items for young kids. These pouches will then be delivered to the Pediatric Ward here at one of our local hospitals. There is nothing more fun than receiving a little something while you have an unexpected hospital stay. Dontcha think.

This program was started by HK Mission - Helping Kids Mission. I LOVE the entire process of this.

Can you help? Each bag will cost $15 and then the purchase of the goodies for the inside. As much as I wish I could do this all on my own....I can I am reaching out to my blogger friends...facebook help if you can. Too brighten up a small child's day by receiving a simple little bag :)

here is a shot of what I would like them to look like:

Please let me know if you would like to participate in this fundraiser. There is no profit in this for me at all....all proceeds will be turned around and used for the purchase of the inside goodies. And if you love this idea....look up HK Mission and see how you can help in you area!

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