Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Happy Birthday to my daughter

It's hard to believe that 23 years ago today...I was making the hour drive from Midway Island to Fort Stewart in Hinesville, GA. 6 hours later I would deliver my first daughter. At a very young age of 18. Scared and missing my family who was 5 hours away back home in Hiram.

It's been a crazy 23 years. Some years harder than others. But I imagine that is how it is with all daughters....right?   :)

I just can't believe where the time goes. 23 years....wow.

Happy Birthday Kayla
I hope you have a wonderful day.

It's been a crazy month a the Thackston house. Shawn is finishing up his second semester at college today. Danie has been sick here and there. Growing like crazy. It's been wacky weather so we haven't been able to work outside as much as we would of liked but the garden is planted and some flowers are planted...finally. My application has been sent in for Paulding Meadows. Now to get busy with some paintings. Thirty One and Origami Owl have been keeping me busy, busy. Which is a good thing! I earned conference for FREE!!! Yeah!! I'm half way through getting my Operation HK Mission Zipper Pouches complete. Just 6 more pouches to buy and fill! I guess my life would no be normal if I wasn't busy...right...lol!

I've really enjoyed my Health Coach for the last few months. I have learned to love some new foods. And FINALLY broke thru that weight wall I have been at forever! 10 lbs gone YEAH!!! And how I feel spiritually and mentally is just amazing! I look forward to our calls every other week so I can see what else I can learn. Love it!

I've got a few May specials going on with Thirty One! I would love to tell you more.....contact me if your interested in a catalog or some information. Thirty One has really changed my life and I just love sharing the joy back with everyone else!!!!

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