Tuesday, February 19, 2013

So hard to believe

It is so hard to believe that it is February 20th 2013!

Where has the last two years gone?
Well I can tell you.....at 12:36 am on a Sunday morning.....this little being that we nicknamed butterbean from her first ultrasound......
 Was born....Tensley Danielle Thackston 7lbs 7oz. I remember looking into those eyes for the first time and holding her just minutes after she was born. That had to be the MOST precious time of my life. MY Granddaughter! Amazing.
 Over the year we watched her grow so fast. Walking at just 8 months. Babbling all the time. Dancing. Climbing. That year was amazing but went by so fast. Her first birthday came and went. Look how she has no hair at a year old....lol
 And now we have mop head who is sooooo needing a hair cut! She is the light of our lives. There is nothing she can't do and no obstacle she is not willing to give a try at. She has no fear and LOVES her uncle Shawn like there is no tomorrow. She has been the ultimate joy in our lives and I just can't imagine our lives without her. Little Miss Tensley Danielle....aka...Danie....butterbean...tornado Tensley....is finally two years old! Can you believe it! I know I can't. I'm not sure I am ready for her to grow even more. I enjoy our nights of Nana and Papa time....pillow fights....fixing us food....reading books and playing on the slide....ready set go....helping with the chickens and dogs....ultimate shoe fanatic at only two years old....just simply precious is all I can say!

and here we are almost done with February....
I'm ready for spring so that we can get started on all these projects I have in mind for the house.
I've been working my Thirty One business like crazy! (And I know you are so wanting to book a show...right?!?!?!  or how about taking advantage of our OJ Incentive and let that big Pink box change your life too!!!) I'm here to answer any questions you have or to share all these products with you so you can earn freebies too!!!

I'm so thankful for Thirty One! I have been able to donate money to my cousin's son Stevie so that he could finish paying his trip deposit for Washington DC. We finished up an HOA Fundraiser and was able to donate $160 to the group. I have a few more fundraisers in the works. I could not of done any of this without Thirty One and I am so thankful that they have given me the opportunity to give back!  It does a heart good that is for sure.

March is shaping up to be a busy month. We have our first camping trip planned for the middle of March. A few fishing days scheduled at the lake. I hope to fill up the rest of the weekends with parties. Easter at the end of the month. It's going to be a great month indeed!

Thanks for sticking around and reading my blog post. I hope you have enjoyed the butterbean pictures thru the years :) I'm sure I will be posting even more of her as the year goes by.
Plus i have Project Life pages to share with you too so stay tuned.

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