Tuesday, February 12, 2013

OJ and Decisions

a few things that I am excited about : OJ Incentive with Thirty-One Gifts
Thirty One is offering the OJ Incentive again beginning February 16th!!! What a super opportunity too. Join 31 for just $99 and if you enter $1000 in orders in 30 days you will receive not only the commission off that, the start swell incentive BUT you will get a rebate for that $99 back :) email me if you would like more details kay_bear52@yahoo! And there is a SUPER consultant presale starting Feb 16th that you will have the opportunity to purchase - and conference just around the corner. It's a PERFECT time to make 31 your new family. I promise you the friendships you will make will be amazing.

I had my first huge fundraiser for the year over the weekend! It ended around $700. I was happy. Made a proposal and have a couple more fundraisers kicking off soon. Exciting times.

I'm loving how GOD is allowing me to use my businesses for good. It's really making me happy!!!!

Got a decision to make pretty soon. I hate decisions, don't you. Especially when it revolves around your health. Blah. Need to also get in touch with my Cardio. I don't think my BP meds are working all that great. Double Blah. Oh and have I mentioned that I jacked up my back again. Triple Blah!

Alright...off to work we go....

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