Thursday, February 7, 2013

Daily Happenings

Gooooooood Morning :)

I'm so excited this morning as I just finished registering for Thirty-One's National Conference 2013! I am so excited to go back this year. I know last year it really energized my business so I can only imagine what it will be like this year! Super, Super excited! I need to set down and make up a map but I am also excited that with recruiting....I have been able to welcome girls from a total of 3 states! I sure would like to reach out to more and would love to share with you how Thirty-One changed my life. We have a FANTASTIC incentive starting in just 10 days - the OJ Incentive - where you can actually earn your kit $99 back! I have a fun party this saturday. I've been working really hard on fundraising and working my businesses into giving back. I just dropped off a check for $30 to my cousin Susan for our "Lets Send Stevie to Washington Fundraiser" and will be making a $110 donation to the Sandy Hook Memorial Fund later this week. My goal this month is to help my friend Annette raise $200 for her HOA. I would love to help you out with a just let me know if your interested! It's all about giving back and that is what I am so excited about.

And another exciting thing....Origami Owl....our team is now in FOUR states! We are growing like crazy and I love it! I have my first really large home show a few weeks from now! Super Duper excited!

I give thanks to God every day for helping me understand where I need to go with my businesses and how I can use them for the good.

We are getting ready for Danie's 2nd Birthday.....gosh where did those 2 years go???? Crazy.

and if you can spare a few.....we could use prayers please for our family. I really can't get into details but a member of our family really needs them. Thank you

I hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed day.

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