Friday, February 1, 2013

February 1st....already

wow really. Already!
I just can't keep up with time these days.

January was a busy month. And Crazy. But I have a feeling February is going to be awesome. I've already started the month with a few fundraisers! I'm hoping they go great. Danie will be turning 2. I found a GREAT find the other day while cruising a yard sale site. A small old school desk. We are going to repaint it and clean it up for her. this will be her "official" art desk! YEAH.

February also contains mine and Billy's first evening out for this year. Double Yeah!

I'm also turning my focus on recruiting this month. I am at a place now where I really want to grow my teams for both Thirty One and Origami Owl. And plus there are some awesome upcoming things like earning your kits for free and new hostess me if you would love to learn more! I love sharing how these companies have changed my life and would love to see how it changes others lives!

no new artwork. No new sewing or knitting projects. I haven't even completed a full book for this year yet. I'm really not sure where my time has been going...well yeah I second businesses and that cutie grandbaby!

I thought I would leave you with a few pictures of January happenings. I need to add some of these to my Project Life album. Maybe I will get more of that done in February....maybe....
Danie climbing on top of her papa INSIDE a tunnel.

Thirty One's new Inside Out Bag

A very special locket we put together for a very special customer

Danie playing around on her potty

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