Tuesday, January 15, 2013

How is your month going?

Has it been crazy? Things going well? Have you caught the nasty bugs going around?

What a whirlwind 15 days it has been into the new year. Danie is still coughing her little head off. I think she is going for round 3 at the drs tomorrow. She did cut a new tooth....finally...so maybe she will not look so much like a beaver. I'm finally feeling better thank goodness. After a steroid shot and my second round of antibiotics....I feel TONS better. now to just get my blood pressure back to normal and all will be good.

I did start Weight Watchers this past Saturday. Hoping this works for me. I still had all my books from last year so just going to follow it and give it a go.

Shawn has started his second semester of college. Crazy I tell ya. Now he is finally getting into the Drafting part. And is crazy when he opens up an Algebra/Trig book and actually was a little excited. Geesh. Not this girl!!

I have to tell you I am so frustrated that I can't add pictures right now. I want to share my latest paintings but Blogger is not letting me and I have even tried in Google Chrome. ugh. Frustrating.

On a brighter note....I'm so excited that I am $3500 away from earning Thirty One's National Conference for free. If ANYONE out there reading my blog post is interested in hosting an online catalog party or would like to place an order....I would be so ever grateful. I soooooo want to earn this for FREE. That is a savings of $250 and was one of my goals leaving conference last year. I GOTTA meet this goal! So just email me if your interested. I promise to make it fun ;) Plus the new Spring catalog is out and is wonderful and bright. LOVE all the new products!

My Pay it Forward for this month....I have managed to do two so far. Both have been at starbucks buying the coffee for the person behind me. It was great and so exciting. I can't wait to figure out what I want to do next!

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