Sunday, January 6, 2013

Welcome 2013!!!

We welcomed in 2013 with a sick baby. Butterbean had pneumonia and it was a quiet house most of the weekend. Then new years eve....yeah I was pretty yucky. New Years Day was spent just lounging around the house...ALL DAY! I did finish up a painting....
And I would LOVE to share it with you but blogger is being a paint today and not giving me that option. ugh.

I finally headed to the dr on Thursday and was diagnosed with a severe ear infection and the beginnings of a sinus infection. I "thought" I was better on Friday after a day of antibiotics but come Saturday night I was miserable. Today is not much better and the pharmacy says there is not much I can't do. I am not able to take decongestants because it messes with my blood pressure :( So.....dr call in the morning might be on the urgent list!

We kicked off our Spring catalog with Thirty One! I am so excited and can't wait to get my own personal order in. This month if you purchase $31 you can get anything in the New Your Way collection for HALF OFF! So  I am taking this opportunity to get my office organized and start 2013 off right.

I managed finally after two tries to do my first Pay it Forward for 2013. My goal is to do 13 of these thru out the year. My first was a Starbucks visit and I paid for the car behind me. I would of loved to have seen thier response but I wasn't able to. It was nice, exciting and I so can't wait to do it again.
My next Pay it Forward will be in honor of Kala Brown. You can check out her website at  It's a very sad and moving story. I met her mom at a 31 show over the weekend. She is Vice Presedent for -  a site for grieving mothers that help support each other through hope and love. She was a wonderful lady and I want to do what I can to spread her daughters memories around even more.

Haven't really touched on many of my resolutions yet. Just haven't felt up to it but as soon as these sickies are done....I am going to work on that for sure!

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