Saturday, December 29, 2012

2012 into 2013

The end of the year didn't go as planned but that is how life rolls right?
Saturday we spent the entire the ER. Danie had been sick and went to the Dr Thursday. She just wasn't getting any better so Saturday morning I got up early and tried finding an Urgent Care to send Danie too. Woke Kayla them dressed and off to the local Urgent Care. I headed on to the grocery store. As I was about to leave the store Kayla called (got them seen very quickly too I might add) and they wanted her to go to the ER for fluids. sigh. I hate the ER. And even more so when we got there and it was FULL....literally...of sickies. People that tested positive for the flu but just didn't feel well???? Really...stay home. I heard that several times. The EMT's came in with a gurny and picked up one person sitting in there that was throwing up. Oh my goodness I didn't want to touch ANYTHING. Pretty quickly someone came and took us to the Pediatric side of the ER, thankgoodness. But we were there from 11:15-2:30. She confirmed Danie has pneumonia in her right lunch. But they gave her a breathing treatment, tested for flu and RSV (came back negative), gave her some meds for her tummy to help her hopefully eat and a bucket load of prescriptions. They didn't want to do fluids because she was drinking a little and they don't like to stick the babies. So really....all of the above could of been done at the Urgent Care Center but that's okay...the ER docs were so nice. So she came home with a stronger antibiotic, inhaler, tummy medicine, cough meds for night and a cream for her face (rash). I'm hoping this will help her turn around. Although we can't seem to keep the meds in her mouth! She likes to spit.

She is finally snoozing and I decided to write up this blog post to end the year.
And my last painting for 2012 - She was inspired by a scrapping online friend of mine who is starting a courageous journey with breast cancer. I will have to take a better pick as this one is pretty yuck.

I wanted to take a moment and look back at this past years resolutions. Lets see how I did :)
to work hard in the scrappy world and hopefully make a few more Design Teams
  • Continue to submit my work for possible publication   (nope never did because I stopped scrapping) 
  • Lose these last 15 lbs  (that would be a super negative here too...i gained all my weight back!) 
  • Reopen my etsy store  (nope)
  • Finish MY quilt and then really get envolved in more quilting (ugh no. but I did finish ONE quilt) 
  • Hand make ALL my christmas for 2011 (I hope I meant 2012 and if so...i didn't make a single gift!) 
  • Make more time for me and my husband (We deserve it) (we tried....really we did) 
  • Take my first cruise (nope)
  • Go to the Moonshine Festival  (nope)
  • Sign up for Paulding Meadows again and maybe work in another art fair (oh finally I did do something on my list!!! It was my best year EVER at Paulding Meadows!) 
  • cut my hair SHORT (oh I did this toooooo) 
  • Take more weekend camping trips (we took about 4 camping trips this year)

  • Wow okay so yeah....I didn't do to well did I. I also did not finish my Project 52. I only read 40! Oh and you know this time last year I was talking about going into the year Credit card debt free....yeah that didn't last...just saying.

    Okay okay. This year will be better!
    So what is on my list this year....

    • I'm going to try that cruise again. It's our 15th wedding anniversary so I need to do something big!
    • Going to hit Paulding Meadows ONE more time
    • Try to go camping at least 5 times this year
    • Really get busy with my Thirty-One business. I would like to be a Senior Consultant by National Conference and maybe....just maybe a Director by the end of the year
    • I really want to get this weight off and come April I will be enlisting the help of a Health Coach
    • Get myself more organized
    • Make at least 10 items off of Pinterest and blog about them :)
    • get back into couponing and saving money
    • Work much harder this year on staying credit card debt free and then working on paying off these loans.
    • Help Shawn get finished with school as much as possible
    • Remodel the kitchen
    • Work on several new fundraisers or ways to give back to the community
    • continue learning how to knit
    • get back into making Christmas gifts for this year
    Okay that is all I have for now....I'm sure I will add some more. Lets hope I can do a better job this year of actually DOING my resolutions!

    Have a Safe and Happy New Year.
    And for those that have stuck around and read my blog...thank you for being a follower and I promise to be a better blogger in 2013!


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