Friday, December 28, 2012

To blog or not to blog

The million dollar questions right?
I don't know about you but I find it hard to find time to blog these days. As if you didn't notice since I was totally shocked to see it has been since DECEMBER 8th!
Sooooo sorry about that!

We had a super great Christmas. We were so anxious and excited to watch Butterbean this year opening her gifts. She had this place turned upside down! More than once. She really took a liking to the blow up snowman in the front yard. She liked to "fix it" each day and turn him on. I'm thinking we might have to get a few more blow up items for next year. We also tried something new this year and had a Low Country Boil for Christmas dinner. It was yummmmy! And there wasn't a bit of it left! Here's just a few pictures of Christmas morning. I love that first picture of her climbing thru the tent/tunnel her papa gave her. All I see is those two shiny bottom

But now the tree is packed away...all the decorations are put up and I am ready to bring in the new year. Danie has pneumonia and a few of us are feeling yucky. So the next few days will be lots of loving and snuggling.

I'm ready to get the new year going with Thirty-One and Origami Owl. I think there are going to be so many wonderful things happening in 2013. I'm excited to start getting ready for our Thirty One Conference in July. And to just kick off the new year! And if you have been hiding somewhere and not seen all my posts......January is double hostess month so now is a wonderful time to host a catalog/online/home party and earn MAJOR freebies. PLUS the new spring catalog starts January 4th! AND if that wasn't enough...if you have thought about being a consultant....the new enrollment kit is ROCKING and is still a wonderful low price of $99! I will love Thirty One! Just yell if you have questions. I will answer any question you have!!

And now begins the time for me to start getting ready for what I would like to accomplish for 2013. I think one of those is to be a better blogger! So stay tuned. I will be posting my 2013 list sometime this weekend.

To finish off my blog post today I wanted to share with you my new painting "She Loves with all her Heart". She proudly hangs in my scraproom and I LOVE her! I plan on making more of these for Paulding Meadows (yes I have been talked into doing that ONE MORE TIME) so stay tuned for more paintings coming in the future.

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annkrier said...

TO blog, of course so we can see extra Butterbean stuff :)