Monday, November 12, 2012

Please don't hate me

Geeeeshhhh I let this one go for about a month. What is up with that! So sorry blog land!

Well we got our new fridge Saturday. I love it! Now we are looking at the kind of floor we want to get. I need to come into some money big time folks! Especially for what I want in our kitchen and with new countertops. I guess I dream big!

Had a great weekend getting projects done. And I actually scrapped!
Here is my layout. I was pleased to finally do this after a year!

Danie has been battling Pink Eye. That has been fun. nothing like giving a 2 year old drops in the eyes three times a day!

Today is my birthday....woohooooo :)

Been doing awesome with Thirty One. I hope to complete week 7 of the Believe and Achieve this week. I am super excited to have completed each week! Don't forget to come over and like my facebook group. I'm all the time posting updates on specials and such. We have some exciting months coming up. and with the holidays is a perfect time to become a part of Thirty One so that you can start off the new year making some extra money to pay off bills and such! I promise every little bit helps! It really does. Even an extra $100 a month! But imagine an extra $250 or $500!

Okay...I'm late for work. Gotta go get ready and get on into work and finish off this long week so that I can get ready for next weeks only working 2 days. Wooot wooot!

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