Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Heading into the first of the year

It's hard to believe that I am actually gearing up for the first of the year. I'm not really in the Christmas spirit just yet. Hopefully that will hit soon.

But I have ended October and November with my BEST Thirty One months ever! $1600 each month. WOW!!!! I can't believe that I was able to complete the Believe and Achieve incentive...all 7 weeks. I can't wait to share with you a picture of my complete Mod Dot set that I earned. I am so excited. I think for December I will take off a little bit and just gear up for January. Which leads me to....YOU HAVE GOT to host a party in January. If you have a $500 party you will earn $180 in FREE STUFF!!! $180!!!!! That is like unreal! And on top of that it is our new Spring Catalog AND you will earn a NEW FREE organizing tote! Oh you will LOVE it I promise. So lets get you on the books NOW. And it can be a catalog show too. I know everyone is busy and catalog parties are so easy. I just had one close at a little over $600! I want YOU to earn all this free stuff!!!! I really want to keep the momentum of the last few months going strong. So please don't let this opportunity slip by! You will be so excited! And if you would love to join me in Atlanta at National Conference....lets get you signed up so that you can start earning your convention fees for FREE :)

So lets go...who wants to book a party???

Origami Owl is doing well. I can't wait to hear how all these people love their Living Locket gifts this holiday season!

On the home front...all is okay I reckon! Just busy and crazy. This time of year always gets money crazy with all of our tags due, Shawn's Spring Tuition is due, Kayla had $1000 worth of work on her car this week....Christmas presents.....its just crazy. But I always make it through. It just takes time.

Will start going thru some of my scrappy stuff to sell on ebay. Time to clean up the house again...lol.

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