Sunday, November 25, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope everyone had a Happy and Very Blessed Thanksgiving.
Ours was busy but it was great having everyone over to eat and spend time together. The tree was up by 10 am Thanksgiving day. Dad and Billy headed out to go hunting (their yearly tradition) for the weekend. Shawn and I hit up Michael's Thursday night. My sister and I headed out shopping at 6 am on Friday. Luckily for us...most of the Black Friday shoppers did their shopping Thursday night and midnight Friday morning :)

Hit a few stores online and now my Christmas shopping is 95% complete! Yeah. Even have a good portion of it wrapped and under the tree. Just waiting on what I ordered to come in...quickly look to see what I have left to get and then we are done. Now to just pay off the credit!

I was also busy working on these guys....

Kinda cute aren't they! Posted one and have 9 paintings claimed. WOWOW. So I have been a busy paiting girl the last few days. So far 5 Santas and 2 Reindeers.
And of course I did a quick photo hour with Danie and the tree. I can't wait to try to do her Christmas pictures. We will see how they go and turn out.
But in the meantime here is a quickie of her Thanksgiving day with her cute pig tails.

Getting ready for Thirty One to release the retired list for the Fall catalog today. Going to get busy trying to get those last minute orders in before the products are gone. The Spring catalog begins in January and I can't wait! It's going to be awesome!!!! Plus...with the new catalog....comes the anticipation of National Conference which is only 8 months away right now!!! I know that seems like a long time but believe fast as this year has flown will be here before we know it. Gotta start saving up!

Well today winds down the last day of my 5 days off. I can't remember the first 3 days as it was crazy, busy and stressful trying to get this car problem figured out. But back to work we go tomorrow for a full week...ugh. BUT on the bright side just 3.5 more weeks and I have another 5 day weekend :) Gotta use up some of this stockpiled PTO :)

have a great day!
Happy Thanksgiving

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