Thursday, October 18, 2012

GOD is so good

It's actually feel God working through you.
Just in the last few weeks I have had small things happen that have helped me accomplish paying it forward to other people. What an amazing give to others and never expect anything in return. Just the joy of making someones day....that is payment enough. And when you do not expect anything in comes back to you someway or another. Such a blessing.

I am 4 bags away from donating 20 Pink and white URU Cinch Sacs to the cancer center! How awesome is that. I started out with a goal of only 10 and now here I am working on 20! Just amazing. I had a box of goodies delivered to my house by mistake...I called the company...they said to keep here I have a box of stuff that I get to go out and donate to others. I can't wait to take some of these items to the local fire station...I've already gave away a few items. The joy of seeing someone excited because you have shared with them makes my heart BEAM!!!! This is so what I am meant to give to others.

I've decided that my next fundraising goal will be to collect money to purchase zipper pouches. I will then donate those to the military so that they can be passed out to our soldiers in other countries that are having to be with out their families while they keep our countries safe! So stay tuned for more information on that one.

On the home front...we had a great weekend away from the kids while camping in Anniston, Alabama. We got to visit the Talladega Super Speedway and the Anniston Museum of Natural History. Great time away with my hubby. We did miss butterbean!!

This weekend is the opening of hunting season. So the hubs will be out trying to fill our freezer. I have a Thirty One party and Origami Owl party Friday and an Open House Product Reveal on Saturday! Going to be a busy weekend but that is okay...I love staying busy. I'm also starting a new diet on Saturday. Wish me luck. I am ready to get healthy and beautiful :)

I hope you have a blessed day and know that each of you are in my prayers daily.

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