Friday, September 14, 2012

Reality check

It's been a pretty emotional week to say the least.
A high school friend, Nancy Pruett, passed away on Tuesday. She had battled Breast Cancer for several years. It breaks my heart. She leaves behind precious children and a husband, Dennis, who cared so much for her. I know that the times ahead will be hard for them and I pray that God can ease some of the pain.

Then on the same morning I find out that a long time online friend, Kimmy Sonksen, passed away on Monday. She had an aggressive form of cancer. She was such a talented artist and was always supportive of me and a great friend. I never had the opportunity to meet her but you can make some awesome friends online...and she was one.

Too much sadness and loss this week. As I logged into facebook this morning...yet another angel was made over night....all due to cancer. I really hate this disease! It makes me want to get out there and fight, fundraise, speak out...anything and everything I can to help us get just a tad bit closer to ending this disease. I'm still going to work hard on my National Breast Cancer Foundation fundraiser but now it takes on a new meaning as more loved ones, friends and family, have passed away. I'm trying to reach 40 people...just 40 people...$5 each...and with each $20 that is raised I will donate a URU Cinch Sac to the local NBCF chapter. Along with all my commissions for the month of October. IT may only be a little bit but every bit counts. Every bit helps us get closer to winning this fight.

A weekend recap - Paulding Meadows was Awesome. Not only did I have a wonderful time with my husband beside me but I sold 18 items! A Paulding Meadows record for me. And also received an invite to be a vendor at Hunters Park in Douglasville in December. Both my artwork AND Origami Owl :) I said I would not do PM again next year but I don't know....I am really getting the fair bug now and might want to do a few more. We will see. Billy is very supportive and wants me to continue!

Butterbean is now 19 months old. We no longer have the Paci. It was "lost" during the Fair. She is growing up so quickly. I wish I could just bottle her up and keep her this age forever...well except for the temper tantrums.

I have my second ever Thirty One show next week. Kinda nervous about it but I will just go rock it :) Doing great getting the Origami Owl name out there.
If you ever want to check either out just visit HERE and HERE. And if you ever want to hold a catalog show or a home show...just let me know...I am on it :)

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