Sunday, September 23, 2012

Camping, Thirty One and Life

Once again I find that I am falling behind on my blog. Life just gets so busy sometimes...and then again...not sure if many people read this blog anymore since I haven't been in the scrapping scene in ages. If you are faithful follower...thank you :)

Hubby and I just got back from a nice camping trip with butterbean at Lookout Mt KOA in Georgia. We took a trip to the Aquarium in Chattanooga, TN. It was nice and the weather was perfect. And it is always a plus to get away from things even if for just a few days. Already we are planning our next trip but this time it will just be me and hubby.

Last week was full of highs and lows. Sadly....I found out that a another dear friend will be going home to the LORD due to that ugly cancer. She was given just a few weeks left. It just doesn't seem fair. How the streets hold all these people who do ugly things to others but it is the wonderful, smiling people that bring such joy to our lives that have to deal with this disease and not win the battle. I kept waiting over the weekend to hear the news that she had passed on...I am grateful I did not get that call...but at the same time so sad that she has to deal with the fact her days are so few with her loved ones. It's. Just. Not. Fair!

I ended the week at my friend Trish's house for a 31 party. I was really nervous about this one but there was no need to be. I met two AMAZING women who were so friendly and opened their arms and welcomed me right on it. It was like we had met a million times before. And how cool that one of them works for IT Works! I am soooo checking this stuff out and giving it a whirl!

Origami Owl is still going along well. I am having such a fun time making up lockets for people to see. If you haven't friended my website yet on facebook please do. Or check out the OO website at

Hard to believe this month is already over. Just one week My Oct-Dec seem to be filling up fast which is good I guess but makes me tired.

I need to do an update for you on all the books I've been reading. Maybe I can get to that before too long.
Have a great rest of the week september!

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