Monday, September 3, 2012

Ready for some free charms????

I'm 8 people (likes) away from giving away 2 more charms on my Origami Owl facebook page!
We are almost up to 75! I appreciate everyone who has passed my site around and getting Origami Owl Living Lockets out there!

I just completed my first catalog show and it went pretty well I do say! My hostess, Jennifer, walked away with a FREE locket and $25 in Charms. She also earned 10% off anything else she purchased. Pretty good huh! So if you would love to have a catalog party...please jump on it. The holidays are approaching and now is a great time to start stashing away those gifts for your loved ones or even for you. And don't forget to spread around Origami's a new company but one that has so much meaning with each Locket that is made!

Our Labor Day weekend project....was a doozy. We decided to use a product called Restore on our deck. It took some prep work such as trimming some much needed trees, pressure washing the deck and then the painting began on Saturday. Looks tons better don't you think! We have only one coat on but the rain is not being friendly and is keeping us away from the second coat...well that and sore muscles!


After - Mid way

Now today is a day of rest I guess but Billy and I both feel like we need to be out doing something. Not sure what we can get into today. Maybe I can work on my Origami Owl table a little bit and put some necklaces together?

Don't forget that the new Fall Thirty One catalog is out. I have some huge goals this year (now until June) and plan on meeting those goals :)  One of which is recruiting. I would LOVE to recruit just two more gals! So if you have been thinking about it...come on aboard. The Fall sign up kit ROCKS and is only $99! You can't beat that! Or if your looking to make an extra $100 a so can do that with just one $500 party a month. Just think what you could make with 2 or 3 parties a  month! woooo! Give me a buzz if this interests you!

Oh and guess what....I was DREAMING about scrapbooking last night. Wonder if that is a good sign??

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