Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Good Tuesday morning

Hope all is well in blog land.....I.....for one....am excited about this week.
Well first off it's a holiday weekend! That is always a plus. We will start working on our deck this weekend which needed a major overhaul and redo. Can't wait to get that project done and maybe actually use our deck! wooohooo.
and then September 1st is Saturday. You know what that means right? NEW THIRTY ONE FALL CATALOG! Can we say woohooooo! Super excited about this and I hope you are too. Don't forget to take a peak around the catalog (ask me how) or get those orders in. You want to be styling this Fall season that is for sure. Gotta get ready for those Football games.....band nights....oh yeah...have I got the bags for you! AND....I so want to share the opportunity for you.....I sooooo want you to join my team! We will have fun!!! And you can make money too boot! Can't get better than that.
And if you haven't seen it here is the $99 enrollment kit.

I also wanted to share a few lockets that I made up over the weekend. These are becoming a hot item this season. just think how special this would make as a Christmas gift! And if totes are not for you and you think you could sell jewelry.....get on that wait list NOW. Seriously! There is no better time to join then NOW. We just released the wait list number 4525. And I believe people are signing up around the 10000 range so you really want to get in on this now. So head on over to beckythackston.origamiowl.com and join the wait list. Email me later and let me know what number you are and I will give you my mentor number. I'm serious folks...there are currently only about 5000 designers in the US right now!

Pretty cute huh! I think so too. Message me if there is one you would like me to put together so you can see what it looks like. If I have the charms....we can create it :)

Paulding Meadows is just a week away. I can't wait. I'm hoping I will be able to sell a good bit of my paintings this year. I want to get them gone if at all possible. I am not sure if I will do it next year...we will see...but if I do I want to have all new canvases, etc. Come on by next weekend. Look me up in booth 164-165. Hope to see you there.

hugs and much love me!

PS....Butterbean...we have eight teeth now! woot woot. She is growing so big. I love that little girl!


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