Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The beginning of life....

Raising my chickens from one day old babies has been an adventure that is for sure.
We've had one of these chickens sitting on eggs now for about two months. We were not prepared or educated on hatching eggs so it has taken longer than we expected and many discarded eggs :( But FINALLY.....Tuesday we came home and was ready to feed the chickens when "mean mom" as she so earned the name, had two babies following her around everywhere. About 45 minutes later we had caught the babies and mom and put them in the coop, door closed, so that no other critters would get to them. Again...we weren't prepared and did not really have a place for our chickens to hatch eggs.

Today.....after a very LONG court attendance for Shawn's under 21 ticket (wreck)....I went to go check on the babies when low and behold...there is another baby in the nest all hatched out. He was still breathing so I picked him up and set him with the mom in the coop. Hoping....she would take him in and warm him up. Along with him we found another egg in the hatching process. That one too was moved in with the mom...with high hopes.

an hour later I went to go check and baby #3 had passed on. I was pretty sad...but excited at the same time because baby #4 hatched completely. What upset me the most was that "mean mom" would not have anything to do with them. :(  sadly he died too. I was heartbroken. Here we are not expecting babies...and got 4 so far (not counting one that hatched a week or so ago but died before we knew there had been a hatched baby). Billy decided to throw away the eggs in the abandoned nest. no one had set on it for 2 days. As he was discarding the started cheeping. He helped it out of the shell....brought it to the house...cleaned it up....and we have been trying to keep him warm. I have been googling everything I can think of on how to take care of this little one. We were going to put him in with the mom in hopes she would warm him up but she is WAAAYYYY back in the box inside the coop and we can't get to her. So......we have baby #5 all wrapped up in a flannel blanket, in a box, in the garage. With little prayers that he will pull thru the night. It will make me sad if he doesn't. We've had some long conversations this evening and Danie absolutely adores him. but we have learned and hopefully will be more prepared if our brooding hen #2 decides to hatch hers.

Oh and I sooooo got to see a chicken laying an egg this morning. Kinda like watching a kitty give birth to her kittens. Just totally amazing.

Yep I'm miss farm girl today :)

Shawn's court case went well. LOTS...and I mean LOTS of under 21 moving violators in that court today. After 4 long hours he was finally done $143 fine, pleaded nolo so no points on his record, 12 months probation (as all the under 21 drivers got this punishment) but if he attends a Teen Victim class next month they will drop the probation. And a $50 probation fine that has to be paid in 10 days. So over went well. I hope he will be more careful while driving. We can only hope.

Thank you to everything who helped me reach my $500 goal by the 15th of August with 31. With your help I earned the Incentive kit for fall so I was really stoked. Less items I will need to purchase. Although I did spend $80 in this order for myself (Christmas gifts) lol. Now I will focus more on the September 1 launch of the new catalog. Maybe I will try a new catalog reveal at my house ONE. MORE. time. The last two haven't went well but I am not against trying again. Plus I need to be thinking of doing the same thing with Origami Owl. Maybe I could do them both at the same time???

Back to work tomorrow and then off on Friday. I had a dermatologist appt today. all went well. Had a few areas removed but nothing bad :) and then Friday I am off to head to Emory Hospital to the Adult Congenital Heart Specialist Center.

I plan on posting some sneak peaks of the new catalog pretty soon. So stay tuned.

Oh.....and a painting is in the works. I sketched it out today so I am hoping I can work on it some this week

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