Thursday, August 16, 2012

Blog catch up time

Time to catch up again! Goodness where did I leave off.....
National Conference was WONDERFUL! But then...I think I have already shared 
Here is a picture of our Thirty One Blooms Team on awards night. Beautiful group of ladies if I do say so myself! 

I've been plugging away mailing out Fall catalogs, earning the Incentive kit...woohooooo....just purchased the Fall add on kit....and now I am ready to share with everyone the new Fall Consultant Kit. Okay this is my favorite kit to date! So if you have been thinking about just can't pass up this kit. It's only $99!!!!  And I tell you....being able to go to someones house....and walk away with about $125 extra to pay on bills or whatever I need it super nice. My goal is to get our credit card debt down and then redo our kitchen. I am hoping with Thirty One and Origami Owl...I will be able to do that.

But....if you have been tossing it around...just give me a buzz or drop me an email. I would love to share this opportunity with you and help you get a business up off the ground. Or if you just want to join because you love TO so much that you are wanting the discount for yourself...well that works too! Oh and see that little rosette on the LUT...I WANT THAT!!!!!!! I wish I could buy this!

Oh and Christmas...think Christmas gifts folks! It's 4 months away and Thirty One can knock out that list for you! I promise. It has

Update on the chickens.....all the little babies passed away except for two. They are doing GREAT They are officially 11 days old now and just running around growing up. They are cute and fuzzy and love hiding with their mommie. We finally busted up the nest the other hen was sitting on...too many rotten eggs in there. I hate it...I really would of loved some more new babies...but maybe next spring. We will see.

My second love...Origami Owl. I have had my kit officially for a few weeks now. I have managed to mail out or pass out over 25! and people LOVE it. Already placed my first order and have a catalog party going on right now! Woohooo! I can't wait to make me a new locket. I soooo want that nana silver plate and a rhinestone silver medium locket. patience Becky....must have patience. If you haven't heard or seen OO before...please stop by my site at and take a peak around the catalog. You will not be disappointed. Below is a cute travel necklace. We made one similar to this for a coworker that was retiring after 38 years. She LOVES it.

Last week update:
Shawn's court went well. That was an experience I would prefer not to have to attend again. But over is done. His fine was $143 and will be on probation for a year. once he attends the Team Victim Impact Program next month, they will remove his probation. And he plead nolo so there will be no points on his license. I went to the dermatologist that afternoon for a routine check...everything is good. No funky moles or odd things. Then Friday was the trip to the Emory Heart Center. I saw a wonderful doctor there and also had the head of the imagining do my Echo. He told me super surgery...and to just do what I normally do. I should not have any problems from this defect at all. I have to request an air filter on any IV's in the future but other than that....PERFECT. I could not of asked for a better visit! It will be worth the $4000 it cost to do the test. I can tell you that. the peace of mind is simply priceless! Next stop....GYN next month and then I am done with my physicals and YEAH! Sunday Billy and I headed to the mall and hit up the Coach store (no I didn't buy anything...but I sure did love looking around) and also the Sleep Number store. We went in knowing we needed to get a new mattress (ours is 14 years old) and after testing out a few of theirs....we bought one. double YEAH! I knew they would be expensive but we have a King bed and any mattress is not cheap. I think this will help tremendously with my aching shoulders, hips and my bad back! And that worth the money! seriously.

Shawn is all set for school. We had to plop out some major moolah last week because the Hope Grant did not go thru but they called me earlier in the week and it is all straightened out and we will get a refund. SUPER. I have to is all worth it though to see my boy going to college and wanting to learn something and get a good job. So yeah....go for it Shawn! We are behind ya buddy!

Finally finished my last painting. I will just say this DOES NOT do it justice at all. And those that have seen it in person can attest to that! There is all kinds of gold and silver glitter paint in this one. So yeah...this is not the best picture out there. But it gives you an idea. This one will go for $100. I plan on dragging it to Paulding Meadows in a few weeks. Hoping it will go home with someone else!
Okay I will stop with the chatting and go read a book now. Many hugs and lots of prayers coming your way!

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