Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Getting ready for some excitement

Thirty One National Conference is just 14 days away. I am so super excited to get away for a few days and have a total girls weekend. One thing I learned going to Conference with Stampin Up or CKU with scrapbooking...there is nothing like being away with other people who love the same thing you do. It's so much fun. And I excited to get to meet my new roomies and to finally meet my Director. I have been selling Thirty one now for a year! Happy Anniversary to me. If you haven't already...please come find me on facebook and request to join my private Thirty One page. I will update you will all the specials and any fun things that I have going on :)

And hopefully...insert crossed fingers...I will be able to join Origami Owl in the next few weeks! So stay on the look out for updates on that one too. I can't wait to share all the fun lockets.

Vacation with butterbean was so much fun. This was the first vacation that Billy and I had that we did not take the kids. I was a little homesick and missing everyone but it was nice to just be him and I for a change. Well...we did have butterbean with us but she was a precious angel the whole time. We truly had a great time with her. Playing, swimming, driving around and shopping. I think she had fun too. I'm actually looking forward to getting away again and trying to figure out where we can go in September. August is going to be a crazy month I think. With conference the first week....Shawn's court date the next week and then I will be taking a trip to emory for a 3D Echo-cardiogram. so the first part of the month is gone. Before I know it Paulding Meadows will be here too. So yeah...we need to get to planning another weekend getaway. Even if it is just the two of us. I kinda enjoy it :) I didn't take as many pictures this trip as I usually do but that is okay. The ones I did take are ALL butterbean...lol.

and it is hard to believe that in just 14 days Billy and I will be married for 14 years....and you know that I am thinking about these things...I think I have figured out why  I have been so down in the dumps this week....in just 15 more days...will be the anniversary of my Nanny's passing. I really think that her death has been the hardest one I have had to deal with. I know she has been gone a while now but it still weighs heavy on my heart. I think she would of loved Butterbean so much. I think she would of been so proud to see the kids graduate. To see us coming together each month and opening the lake up for fishing. Oh she would of been so happy. I miss her laughter...her smiles....just her. She will always have such a special place in my heart and I know that she is looking down on me and just gently holding me each day. And there I go......start talking about my anniversary and get sidetracked...lol.
shhhh don't tell Billy that.

not sure what we will do this year for our anniversary but I know next year I am planning something big. Like a major ROAD TRIP! Gotta get busy saving the money now I guess.

Shawn got a job! YEAH. At Walmart. He started with his Orientation today and will officially start Friday. At first we thought it was a steady time frame kinda job but looks like it will be spread all over the place right now. Which I am not sure how that will go with school. He is going to his Advisement on Thursday for College. So hopefully Walmart will work with him and his classes. I hope.

Still so much too do. I have not finished this quilt. I have not scrapbooked. I have not done much of anything. Which is good I guess. I do tend to over do things but I miss being creative. I need to get back into things and soon. Really soon.

Talk to you soon :)

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