Tuesday, July 3, 2012

And here comes July

Well July is here....in full swing.
Vacation just around the corner. And man do I need it!
Butterbean is doing well after her surgery. She has two teeth now :) can you believe that! 16 months old and only TWO teeth! But talking up a storm....the cutest thing she says "I see you" and "ut oh spaghetti O's" LOVE!!!

All the paintings have been packed away and ready for Paulding Meadows.
Quilt number 2 for the year is slowly being cut out. At least I have until October to get this one done.
And hold on.......don't fall out of your chair....after a 6 month hiatus...I actually WANT to scrapbook! eeek.
Not sure I know where to begin or with what. I don't really have much anymore that is new.

I had the best month ever with Thirty One. Sold $1300! I was so happy. My goal for July and August is to do the same!!! And hopefully in just a few short weeks I can log on here and tell you that I am now an Origami Owl designer. Hopefully soon! And if you are interested in either of these....maybe your looking for some extra $$ for Christmas.....just give me a call. I would love to tell you more. I know I am blessed by what extra $$ I have made with Thirty One. My next goal is to save all my commission and redo my kitchen! So I gotta SELL SELL SELL! And a few extra recruits would be nice :)

No new pictures to share. I know...I'm slacking. Sorry about that! As always time gets away from me and blogging suffers...so if your still hanging on and reading my updates.. I LOVE YOU!! thank you.

More later...I promise.

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