Wednesday, June 13, 2012

New painting for the week. I am really falling in love with this one. The flowers are actual silk flowers that I glued to the canvas. Very 3-D art. The butterfly was made using paint and paper :)
This one is for sale at $40.00 and measures 16x20. 

Paulding Meadows is just 3 months away and I am so ready. I have all the artwork I need and can't wait to show off some of my new mixed media to see if others like it and will buy it :)

Nothing too much new going on here. I finally purchased my FitBit and LOVE it. I wish I wouldn't of waited so long. I am now down a little over 2 lbs since I started wearing it 8 days ago. Love that! Let's hope that momentum continues. 

Today begins the first wave of Owls in Waiting to become Designers with Origami Owl. I am sooooooo excited about this new venture. It will be fun and new that is for sure. I am already filling out the paperwork for a vendor fair in November and guess what.....we will be the ONLY OO designers there. I love having something new to the area so that others can get excited about it too. It will still be a few more weeks before I can sign up. They are doing waves...this week is the first 250. I am 1747. So still a little bit of a wait but I know it will be worth it. Still trying to make up my mind if I want to purchase the medium start up kit.....ummm...anyone want to buy some paintings really fast and if you do then I know which kit I will 

Shawn is still working at Applebee's but LATE last night he got a call from a recruiter for Racetrac. He is going to call them back today so I am hoping and praying this works out and that it would be a Racetrac close to home. If so this is a great job opportunity for him! Prayers please if you can. 

Butterbean is scheduled for her tubes on the 25th. We think she "might" have yet another ear infection :( and she has finally got TWO teeth...woohoooo. Oh and she is a chatterbox and can point to different parts of her body. LOVE this little girl and all the learning she is doing. 

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