Monday, June 4, 2012

Eat More to Weigh Less

You know all thru life we are taught to eat less. That magic number 1200 calories.
For most of my adult life I have battled with weight. all starting when I had my first child.
I've been as heavy as almost 200 lbs and I have weighed as less as 135 (which my mom said I looked and I am not afraid to say that currently I stay around 160-164.

not to long ago I ran across a website called MyFitnessPal (which they do have an iphone app). I have to say I love this site. I log daily what I eat and it tracks calories and anything else you would like it to track. Over the last few months I have been eating about 900-1100 calories a day. Yep not working for me. Still could not lose weight. Even starving myself...ugh.

So I am going to go the other way. There are some awesome articles on MFP about EM2WL (Eat more 2 weight less) and honestly some of it really makes sense. The hardest part.....getting over the many years of pounding in my head that you have to eat less and less to lose weight. The EM2WL is based on your TDEE and your BMR. So by all my calculations (per the website recommendations) I need to be eating about 1713 a day! Do you know how HARD that is. Geesh. And never go under my BMR of 1465. So far after a few weeks I am getting into the 1300 range. Getting Slowly working foods in that I normally would have such as protein smoothies and almonds as snacks. I am still watching my sodium so that I don't go over that and drinking at least 80 oz of  water a day. Sometimes more.

So far....I've gained a little but its okay. If you read the "should" gain a little to start off with. now I am going to work harder to make sure I get some workouts in each day. I just ordered the FitBit which will be here on Wednesday and I hope this will be the help I so need to get me motivated to move more. I just want to lose 20 lbs. That is it. And I know I can do it. It's just finding what works for me and my body. I've tried the nutritionist route and even she couldn't figure out why I wasn't losing at 1200 calories a day. So why not go totally against what I have always heard and read and lets eat more. just a heatlhy more :)

I promise to keep you updated to how this goes.

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