Thursday, May 10, 2012

Owls and more Owls

Well for those that know know I jump from one project to the next.
What is new on my list at the moment - Owl Paintings.
It started off with one little painting and has now bloomed into about 9 completed paintings. I LOVE THEM! I think they have become my new favorite painting.

And a huge THANK YOU to everyone that has bought one so far. Because of your support I was able to send off my booth registration fees for Paulding Meadows this year. I wasn't sure if I would be able to go but yep.....the application has been mailed so be looking for me come September with my paintings (and hopefully lots of new owls!).

It's hard to believe we are working on mid May already. Kayla's birthday was this past Monday. She turned 22! Kinda hard to believe I have a child that is 22. Little Danie went to the dr that day also and has yet another bad ear infection. That poor baby just can't get a head. Oh and she only has 8 teeth trying to come in at the same time. OUCH. But she is a trooper and among all this pain and such she has learned a new word - Ball. She is just too cute.

Thought I would give you an update to my Project 52 this year. I just finished book 17 today. I am pretty much right on target. Was hoping to be a head but with all my other projects...reading has taken a back seat. If your interested in what I am reading just take a peak at the Library tab above. I have a long list of books in my kindle waiting on me so I am sure this list will grow and grow.

And on the health front.....I am finally OFF the potassium (for now). IT just would not stay up. The lowest it should be is 3.5 and even on 4 a day it was 3.4. They wanted to move me to 6 a day but I just can't do that so we changed my blood pressure meds again. I hate changing them but I just couldn't do the added medication. So far so good. The last few days has been around 107/73. Not to bad for me. We will see. I started working out again. P90X and some treadmill. Lets hope I can drop these last pesky 15lbs I want to get rid of.

Everyone have a great day. Pictures of the owls to come soon so stay tuned in case you haven't seen them already on Facebook.

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