Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My Goal for May

I am all the time trying to find ways to help out here and there. It could be something itty, bitty and small or something that takes me a while to accomplish. As long as it is helping someone else...it makes me happy.

I was cruising thru facebook today and saw a post that a friend of mine shared. I opened the blog....and from that moment on it was nothing but tears.

This story is about Avery. Little Avery was only 5 months old when she passed away just yesterday. Reading this story brought into light just how little we stop and just think about how luck we are. Each morning we (as in most people I know) get up, start the day heading to work or working around the house. Thinking about what we have to accomplish today. How quickly we need to get to work because we are running late. Before breakfast we are thinking about lunch and before lunch we are trying to figure out what we will have for dinner. Or what all we need to take care of this evening when we get home. Who will be picking up the kids. Who will start dinner. It just goes on and on. But do we ever just STOP...stop and thinking how lucky we are. Stop and be grateful what God has given us.

When I started reading this story....I couldn't help but cry.....all I could think about was this precious grandbaby that I see each and every day. How lucky am I??? I get to see her EVERY single day when I know grandmothers that don't get that opportunity. She is healthy as can be and growing so fast...when there are children out there that are not so lucky and have hurdles to face every day. I can't help but cry for this Mother...who has lost her child...and here is Mother's day just around the corner....how can she celebrate Mother's Day without a baby to hold and love. It just breaks my heart and makes me want to reach out and do everything I can do to help them. I know there is not a lot I can do. I don't even know these people. But I do know I can DO SOMETHING. I can help.

SMA - Spinal Muscular Atrophy kills more babies than any other genetic disease. We can help. By donating to the research and getting the word out about SMA.

How will I help...the best I can  - For the entire month of May....all my commission sells from Thirty One Gifts will be donated to the SMA Foundation in little Avery's name. On May 31st I will write a check to the organization and with your help we can do this. Like so many other people right now...money is tight...so even though I can't just simply write a check now...I know that I can work hard at my sells this month and donating my commission check will be a great step.

If you would like to donate directly please do so by going to FightSMA.org and make your donation in Avery's name - Avery Canahuati.

If you would like to help me make a donation to FightSMA.org please visit mythirtyone.com/beckythackston to view the catalog. Again all of my commission for May will be donated to this cause and in honor of Avery.

Please stop - take a moment - look around - and love on that person next to you. We just never know when their time here is done.

Please read Avery's story at www.averycan.blogspot.com

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Rick W. said...


I'm glad my post led you to little Avery. I only heard about her last weekend and decided to follow her page on Facebook. I couldn't believe it yesterday when I saw the news that she had passed. I know she's in God's arms now, but I hurt for her parents. Hopefully, we can all do something to be sure that other families don't have to suffer this kind of loss.

God bless!