Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Meet...the Owl Family

Mother Owls - 16x20 - $40.00 (still available
I would like to introduce you to my new Owl Family. These have been so much fun to make and have really been a great hit. I will custom make these just for YOU. So please....don't hesitate to give me a buzz if your interested in one. So far all have sold with the exception of two of them. I will note below the picture if it has not sold. 
This for me, has been a fun venture in painting. Not only is it messy but I can express myself however I would like and it totally go with the painting. And it takes several of the things I love and rolls them into one. 1. Painting 
2. Scrapbooking 
3. Journaling/Doodling
I mean much fun is that!!!!

LOVE owls - 16x20 - SOLD

Dream Owls - 16x20 - SOLD

Sweetness Owls - 16x20 - SOLD

I DO Owls - 16x20 - SOLD

Family of Owls - 16x20 - SOLD
Sorry the above one is sideways. I couldn't get it to turn for me :( but this is one of my favorites because it was made for a dad and his 3 children. I just love the grouping of the family!

Bright Love Owls - 16x20 - $40 (still available)
Painting truly makes me happy. From the minute my paint brush hits the canvas, I know that I can let my creativity out and enjoy the final product. It makes me smile, so big, when I know that something I painted touches someone else. That it has meaning for them. Totally makes my day!

Stay tuned for more Owls. I'm not done yet. The sky is the limit with these babies!

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