Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Cave Springs 2012

We had a wonderful first trip in the new camper this past weekend! It was so nice to get away and not have to do anything at all. Just park the camper and stay there for three days. My mom, dad, sister, Aunt Ramona and Uncle Stan all came too. We ATE like you would not believe. Wonderful meals. Prayer. And just glorious family time. I loved it. We took Shawn, Steven and butterbean with us too. The boys fished and tubed the river. Butterbean played out side ALL day long. 

I took LOTS of pictures as you can tell. Some of just nature and of course lots of butterbean pictures. 

She really had a great time. Playing in the rocks, grass, water and just eating away. There was always someone there to tote her, pull her in the wagon or push the stroller. 

I think one of my favorite pictures from the weekend was of her and her Uncle Steven walking hand in hand. It just made me smile.  

The campground was small and cozy. Look it up when you get a chance. Big Cedar Creek Campground in Cave Springs, Georgia. You will not be disappointed with the quiet park...steady stream of natures animals roaming around and the quiet river. 

Now it is back to the regular scheduled program. I went in for my fourth week of blood work today. I just have to say this is getting old and mighty fast. I'm hoping it will all come back good. I don't want to go back yet another week. Bought some canvases today. I'm ready to get back into painting again. Plus I've decided to give Paulding Meadows one more go so I need some work to display and sell :) That would help don'tcha think. Still working hard on starting up my Thirty One business! If you would like more information on being a demonstrator....now is the time to join. The kits are $99 and if you sell $1000 in your first 30 days...you will get your start up cost back! That is awesome. And if demonstrating is not your thing but you love Thirty one....drop me and email. We can get you set up with a catalog show or book a home show. There is nothing like earning free stuff right :) 

Okay off to clean my scrap counter so I can get some painting going. 

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