Monday, May 21, 2012

And still more owls....and other stuff

My newest venture.....
I was reading a post about Direct Sales companies and ran across the name Origami Owl. Of course with my current fascination with owls I just had to take a peak. And immediately I fell in LOVE. These are custom made necklaces. And why did I fall in love you ask.....if you know know that I love things that mean something to someone. Take for instance paintings....a painting can mean so much to someone and mean something totally different to someone else. The right painting for you will speak to you. The same with these lockets. You can add and customize these lockets to fit YOU!!
Here are just a few examples:
Something like this is absolutely stunning for that survivor in your life or if you want to remember a loved one who battled cancer. And of course they have different ribbon colors for different meanings. AND just added an autism charm!

I love this one too. Just simple and so cute. For mine I added several artist palette, a pearl (to represent heritage), a cross, Danie's birth stone and a butterfly in remembrance of my grandmother. I also added the Faith circle in the back. I. LOVE. IT! It is so me. And the greatest thing is I can change it up anytime I want. The locket is a magnet and easy to open and change things around. 

And the greatest thing....I just got signed up on the waiting list to join this wonderful company. It started in 2010 with the dreams of a 14 year old girl. And now...they are accepting Independent Demonstrators. If you have ever thought about joining a Direct Sales is the time. With so little demonstrators around it is a great time to join and start building your customer base and recruits. Please take a look around the website and tell me what you think...Origami Owl. I don't have a website yet but if your interested in a necklace PLEASE let me know and when I am all signed up...I will let you know. And if you think this might be something you would like to do....let me know that too and I can get you signed up on the waiting list. We could build our businesses together :)

And on to other things going on around know I have to show you even more owl paintings...
My latest - Best Friends! It sold within 30 minutes of posting on facebook! wowow! So off I go making another one that is swirling around in my head. I am really excited that these owls are taking off like they are. Again....a painting will speak to you so I am glad that they have meaning for others. It makes being an artist that much more special. Don't forget if you would like one that is already gone...just ask...I will do custom orders :)

Thirty One - is going well. We are just about done with the May Special - an All in One Organizer for $5 if you purchase $31 in products. We have until May 30th to get all these orders in so if you are in need of anything please let me know. I was a little slow this month with everything going on and didn't meet my personal goals but that is okay. There is always next month! And don't forget that we have until the 30th to sign you up as a demonstrator for $99 and when you sell $1000 in 30 days you will receive a $99 rebate back! GREAT deal!!!!

and off we go to our final week of school. I can't believe that I am done with school with my kids. Shawn has his last final tomorrow and then nothing but graduation practice. Which reminds me I need to get his clothes ironed and ready to go. I do believe I will cry like a big ole baby! But I am happy for my baby that he is getting ready to embark into his own life. I think I have done a pretty good job with him and he has become a wonderful young man.

I promise plenty of pictures of graduation to come :) Stay tuned.

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