Saturday, March 31, 2012

April Customer Special and a few other happenings

First off I want to say thank you to everyone who helped me reach my $1000 sales goal for March!!! My final total....$1054!! I was so excited. Not only did this become my best ever month, but it also earned me enough $$ to finish paying my National Conference fees AND helped me earn a March incentive kit for FREE! Thank you thank you.

Now on to April. I have an even faster goal to meet. If I can sell $500 before April 15th...I can earn 4 items from the Summer catalog which begins in May. This is huge because I just don't have the extra beans to buy them since I am saving for Conference. I DO plan on hitting this goal by golly and how better than to kick off April but with an awesome Customer Special! For the entire month of April...if you purchase $31 in product you can get any Purse for HALF OFF!!! Yep that is right! Been looking at that 5th Ave....well now you can get it half off! I love this months special! Just shoot me an email if your interested in anything this month. I will get it ordered for your PRONTO.

On to other happenings....
Had several Dr appts this month. First my blood pressure meds changed a few weeks ago. The good thing...I lost like 7 lbs in just 6 days. The bad news....the following week the Cardiologist put me on Potassium pills so now I am up to 4 pills a day in stuff I need to take...yuck. He also wants me to go to Emory and see an Adult Congetitive Heart Specialist. Double yuck. I'll put that on the calendar AFTER vacation and such. Not looking forward to spending that money.

Steven is home. We are very happy about this and can't wait to see him.

Butterbean is doing great. She has adjusted to daycare perfectly and really loves going. She goes 5 days a week and is learning so much. She is just a mess. She is trying to talk and will mimic anything you say or do. Still no teeth! seriously! Kayla is liking her job. which is good. Shawn is still looking. We are counting down the days until he walks across that field. I am so happy to be done with the school system.

I haven't really done any scrapping lately. Actually NONE in a very long time. I have thought really heavily about packing up all that scrapping stuff and storing it away. Nor have I been painting. Which I need too...Paulding Meadows has sent my application to me. Well maybe if I can sell some more Thirty One in the next few months I can pay for my booth at Paulding Meadows :) But I will also need to get off my tush and paint some more. Haven't really sewn much either. I don't know where my time is going but not to the things I need it to.

We have our first camping trip planned in a few weeks. We will go to Cave Springs, GA with my Aunt Ramona and Uncle Stan, my mom and dad...and my sister. Hopefully Shawn will go and of course Butterbean. We are even thinking about camping down at the lake one Friday/Saturday night :)

Hope all is going well your way. The Thackston family wishes you well and hopes you have a fabulous Easter!

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