Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Project 52

So I've managed to get three books read this week.
First off I will state that these were all Free books for the Kindle thru Amazon. With that said....I would not buy any of these books. Now I see why they were free :(

The One You Love - Paul Pilkington
This one was OKAY. Short story - quick day read. It's a Suspense Thriller with lots of twists and turns. BUT....if you hate mispelled words and yucky grammer...this is not the book for you. I have never seen so many words written incorrectly in my life. The story is okay but the rest...not so much.

Underneath - Kealan Burke
At first I thought this was a book about bullies in school. I was feeling so bad for the boy being picked on and the girl who everyone was making fun of due to her scars. But then it took a really weird twist. I can't really say much with out giving the whole book away. This is a quick short story that I read in an hour if that.

Snowdomed - John Holten
Stupid. DONT read. Sorry but this one was making NO sense. I understand it is a Sci-Fi Thriller but seriously?!?!?!

Okay now to go do some searching and find a good book to read!

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