Monday, February 13, 2012

Drowning in Thirty One

I got my new spring goodies today. I was so excited that my hubby didn't mind if I used a little bit of our tax money to buy me some new bags. Plus with the Spring catalog coming out February 1st...I just couldn't resist getting some of the new fun patterns. So today I got some great shots of Butterbean in my bags :) And for those that don't know just 6 days shy of being a year old so I loved using her as a height
 This is the new Retro Weekender. I love just having weekend bags incase we want to take off for a few days. I had this one embroidered with our initial. I LOVE this bag. It is really huge which is great for us. Plus it fits butterbean...teeehhhee
 The new Cargo Purse in Lotsa Dots. I love this one too. It's larger than I would use for an every day purse but it would make a perfect diaper bag. Plus butterbean fits in it....

 The Tote-a-lly Awesome Tote. Okay now this one is REALLY big. Not sure what I will use it for. I originally wanted to use it for work but I think it might be used for the camper now.

 This is the new pinch coin purse. It's a pretty good sized coin purse. Love the butterflies inside it.

 I already had this purse in brown but I decided to get it in grey. This is the Organizing Shoulder bag. I love this bag and used it a lot last year for vacation. So I wanted one with my initials on it.

 and the new Hostess Exclusive Leather bag. Another really large bag! The leather is soooo soft and it comes in a bag for safe keeping while stored away.

And of course I wanted to show off Butterbean herself...getting ready for Easter I do believe. She is the best helper a Nana could ask for.

and to top the day off she (and her mama) surprised me with a clean kitchen and a vase of flowers on the table. That was super sweet!

If any of the above bags make you smile...let me know and I can give you more details, other patterns and how much they are :)

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